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  1. What Peter said! Galaxy S3 is amazing! And for what it's worth, I also owned an iPhone before owning the Galaxy S3. I like the SGS3 so much more. And in general, I like how Android phones sync so well with all your Google stuff. So if you use GMail and other Google applications, Android is so much better. :P


    I guess the only thing that might be an issue is the size. I personally LOVE the size and can't imagine using anything smaller now. But everyone is different. You'll definitely have to pick one up and decide for yourself.

  2. The cover illustrations of the Dutch HP series are much better than the British imo. They don't show any characters with distinguishing features, so your imagination can do the work. Especially the Philosopher's Stone has a horrible cover imo :/.Also, books :ohnoes:.


    Not sure if I've seen the Dutch ones. I like the British ones though :P The character depictions don't bother me. Since they're cartoony, I still tend to use my imagination anyway!



    *ENVY!!!* Awesome set of books! :thumbsup:


    Hehe thanks Ami! :D I LOVE them!

  3. Eww reading! D: One of my weaknesses! How dare you! :wall:


    Reading is amazing! I had no social life in high school because I spent every lunch period in the library reading :mrgreen:


    They sound like awesome new books, and thanks for the tip on Gladiatrix. I think I'm gonna see that I get it too, I have a crush on everything that's Ancient-Rome-connected.


    I hope you enjoy it! I agree - Ancient Rome is absolutely awesome. That's one of my favourite subjects for movies/TV shows (and books, if they're like Gladiatrix!).

  4. Looks awesome Ashley!


    I'm not really into collecting them, but I do enjoy old books :P I managed to get some books when I did an exchange in the UK, it's amazing what you can find in some of the shops there. Managed to get some first edition Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton's in good condition pretty cheap, since you're there now go book finding in some small country towns!


    Nice snag on those books! I love wandering around old book stores and just having a look at what's available. Roald Dahl was a huge part of my childhood :D I loved The Witches!


    I agree that old books are really cool. I honestly like the look and feel of them. All of my old books are in California but I'll be posting photos of those when I go back this weekend :P I have some pretty cool old copies of Pride and Prejudice, Count of Monte Cristo, etc.

  5. Personally, I think that if you don't have anything to do, time goes by much slower and it gets boring. I used to work at a smoothie shop. When I worked the morning shift it was slow as heeeeell. I was getting paid by the hour but I was basically standing around and like... cleaning the same counter over and over because I had nothing else to do. When I worked the afternoon shift, it was insanely busy and I was rushing to get all the drinks made. But when it was busier, time went by much faster because I was occupied.


    I'd prefer to not be bored and to have time pass by more quickly :P

  6. I can relate to a lot of what you said :) In particular, I have often criticized RuneScape for the extreme simplicity of their combat system. There's almost no challenge, skill or critical thinking/planning required. It's completely click+wait based combat. After a certain point I moved on to other MMOs with more complex combat systems with individual skills, which require the player to understand their skill set and know how and when to use them.

  7. Oh wow... it's finally complete. And it's better than I had ever imagined D:


    That smirk.. hngg. It's got a real sense of emotion, like I really can feel and hear her saying "Do it, I dare you". Beautifully done, Tripsis, as always :P


    [PS: Is that a bit of KOS-MOS influence I see? Around her abdomen? :3]

    Thanks a lot!


    *googles KOS-MOS* :oops:

  8. It's quite good for a first, actually it is great for a first, but here's some CC:


    Firstly, even though the movement of the female is great her figure is a bit off, her thighs are too big for her body and her legs are entirely off.

    Add more definiton on her left leg by working on the kneecap and below and make the right leg a bit farther away from her [wagon] so you can see it better.

    You will need to practice making her boots several times I imagine.



    For the monster, to make him seem muscular in a 'rocky-way' you need to roughen your shading around his muscles, and make the creases seem much deeper(shade darker&bigger). Also work on his chest as right now it looks like saggy man boobs and I doubt that's what you're attempting.

    For him to be "hunched over" you need to dark the area around his mid-upper neck much more, and make the shading large too, raise his head a touch, and perhaps make his shoulders a touch lighter or darker depending on where the your lighting.



    Overall your shading on the big guy is fantastic, your structural drawing is quite good, and the general result is looking to be promising.

    Thanks so much! Those are some fantastic tips and I will definitely take them all into consideration.

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