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  1. I must start off by saying, you're going about this the whole wrong way, that late statement just proves it. Yes, skills such as the ones you mentioned do take time to bank, which is why, according to your incorrect theory, you cannot make 1m gp an hour with them. You cannot base the amount of gp you make per second. For example, with level 91 runecrafting, yes you have to bank, but can you make 1m+ gp an hour? Yes. Each load takes 1-2 minutes; which means, you're making 35k per run; which is 35k gp every 1-2 minutes. No, you're not making 278 gp every SECOND.. Instead, it's more like "wasting" a minute running to the altar, then getting 35k in one second. It's things like that which you must factor in. I haven't tried it myself, but I'm pretty sure you could get 1m gp (if not close to it) per hour killing blue dragons and selling bones/hides. In addition, it's quite obvious that you can make 1m gp per hour merchanting and staking. So yes, it is very possible to make 1m gp per hour, and you don't need math to know that. All you have to know is this: - 75+ runecrafting = 54 nats per load = 18k gp per load = 18k gp per minute (roughly) = 300 gp per second - 91+ runecrafting = 108 nats per load = 35.6k gp per load = 35.6k gp per minute (roughly) = 594 gp per second And then, of course, there are merchanting, staking and killing blue dragons. Since I'm not an expert in those areas, I won't go into detail.
  2. I disagree. 1) The reason for the 20 room limit is because of server space. I think there should be a limit, but maybe like 30-40 rooms. 2) That would make skilling far too easy...
  3. I know I already answered your question on my thread but I see no harm in answering again and informing other viewers of this post. Since your main question has been answered, I'll tell you how I trained to 90 construction: In your inventory carry all your gp, your noted oak planks, saw, hammer. This leaves you with 24 inventory spaces, enough to make 3 oak larders. Now the Demon Butler (whom I use) can carry 26 planks. Use the noted oak planks on him and he will unnote them. He will give you 24 planks and have 2 remaining. Make TWO oak larders, then get the 2 oak planks back from the butler. Use more unnoted planks on him and while he's banking, make the third oak larder. This way you're never standing around doing nothing. The next two turns, he will have 4 and 6 oak planks remaining, so continue in the same way. The fourth time, however, he will have 8 oak planks remaining. So make THREE oak larders before getting the remaining 8 planks. Send him back to the bank and make the fourth larder. THen the process will repeat. Using this method, I was getting 120k - 160k xp per hour :) I hope it helps.
  4. "All said, I guess it's a good way for all those unskilled PKer's out there to waste a few runes, pots and specs... oh oh and time. Often time when I run by a PKer at the abyss it takes them me 6 or 7 runs before they finally connect with a hit. And by the time they've hit me I'm gone or I've dropped and am waiting for the return so I can whoop some wannabe butt." Exactly... Especially since none of them know what they're doing. Either they have a terrible mage level, so their entangle/snare fails every time, or they decide to lack even more knowledge of pking, by meleeing. In that case, they get one hit in, every time I run past them, and it's almost always a zero.
  5. Definately runecrafting. Then I could finish off construction easily ;)
  6. "I think that the RCers should bring 1 wep, as a form of def, so that if they get attked, they can defend themselves, that's wot I do, it's saved me many a time..." A smart runecrafter knows how to escape RC PKers in almost any situation. None of which includes bringing a weapon, which will do no good when your opponent, unlike yourself, will have descent armour and likely an even better weapon/runes. RC PKers are simply pathetic, and 95% of them don't even know how to PK. The truth is, in order to be a successful RC PKer, you have to be extremely knowledgeable of the best way to kill someone in a short amount of time. The only people who know the best ways to actually kill RC PKers are the runecrafters themselves and skilled PKers. The way I see it, RC PKers are simply too scared to go into higher wildy than level 7, and too afraid to lose items so they pick on defenseless people who will likely escape anyway. I am not a PKer myself, I've never properly tried it. But if a RC PKer tries to attack me, I have no problem banking, getting out proper weapons, armour and food and killing them, which just proves how pathetic most of them are when it comes to PKing. So while 95% of all RC PKers are stupid, I don't care for them much, since I can easily get away.
  7. It depends. If you plan on using your gilded altar often for prayer, it's more than worth it in the long run. Also, I would recommend Runecrafting or Barrows for money making, you could make the gp to afford the altar in no time.
  8. Lvl 90 construction - 120k xp an hour; Oak Larders.
  9. I "retired" from Runescape a few months ago as well, however I think I may be coming back, sadly. However, best of luck in whatever you plan on doing next :D
  10. The most pure gp I've ever had was in the 60 million gp range.
  11. If you want to download brushes, I'd highly recommend going to http://www.deviantart.com Go to the photoshop brush section under 'browse' and you'll find some amazing brushes :)[/url]
  12. Even if you have a great program, you won't necessarily make great art. A great pixel artist can create a great sig with a very simple program. Having a better program won't necessarily make your picture better, although it may give you more options (such as animation, etc).
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