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I might as well and right something here about my history of Tip.it and Runescape and then who knows what if anything.


I heard about Runescape back in 2001 but didn't actually visit the site until September 2004 when I made my account, Mirrorforced. It is a shortened name of what was my forum name for other sites and I liked it. I kept playing until I was looking for a site for help and that's when I fell upon Tip.it. I used the site for a bit until I eventually found my way to the forums in October 2005. I quickly found my place in General P2P and started attending TET events in January 2006. I quickly came to fame as the man behind the camel mask when The_Valor wanted to create a Tip.it "family" picture. I decided to make some random outfit made of a camel mask, eldinis robes, and other random items. It stuck.


I then continued my adventures with Tip.it and in November of 2006 I was invited to join the Tip.it Events Team. I was on the team for 6 months, creating calendars and offering feedback, until I was offered a TET Leader position. I accepted this position and led the team for 2 full complete years. There were ups and downs, but overall a fantastic period with an amazing team and fellow leaders. I decided to then resign from this position, as I had 'retired' from Runescape and no longer found the time or want to play, but a little piece of me will always be with this team.


As I left TET, I accepted a position as a Global Moderator and Editorial Panel member. I have since then tried to be an active and positive user with every action of mine. I care for the forums to be a safe place to come and discuss whatever it may be. A few months later, I was designated Editor-in-Chief of the Editorial Panel, and now lead a wonderful group of writers and editors, all with brilliant minds. This all came to an end though when I finally retired from staff in May of 2011. After so many long hours that have accumulated into years, I finally took my leave. It's been a pleasure, it really has. I have good and bad memories from it all but now I'm looking forward to being able to spend my time with my first joy, playing runescape for fun, and figuring out where I am going in life. (Because I left when I graduated from University, who knew?! :D)


Where the future leads me, I don't know, but I look forward with every passing day. Whether I am here the next day or not, or I finally accepted the bribes of the Crew, who knows, but I'm going to keep moving forward. Thanks to everyone who has made me for who I am, which means all of you! :)

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