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  1. -- hit post too soon --

    Enjoying your mod duties? Everyone behaving themselves ok since I left? :p

  2. Does your uni provide you with access to Westlaw UK/LexisNexis for cases? If you can't find it in there then it probably aint worth knowing :p

  3. Yeah, I had to do that in first year (was just called Contract law, no idea what this Contract 'A' business is all about ;p ). It may be a dry and dull area, but it is probably the most useful module you can have as it applies to so many other areas of law. Knowing your way around a contract will aid you to no end, especially in company law/employment law etc.

  4. Yeah, it's going alright. I've got a big piece of employment law work due for tomorrow that I'm of course putting off as usual >.<

    Placement is not going so well. The company has had a lot of trouble during this recession, but hopefully they'll commit to the programme..

    How has life been treating you over these last few months?

  5. Can't help but bash dem bots, Gmod or not!

  6. Oh, that's interesting. I wonder how good it'll be. To a lot of us, what made Skins so interesting was that we knew most of the cast and it was all set around where we lived which was a little surreal at times.

    I wonder if the US version will be able to differentiate itself enough from the vast amount of other teenage dramas originating there..

  7. Ah, I dunno.. We were all like 16/17ish when they started casting. I guess at that age I just really didn't consider it to be a viable path to go down. No one knew back then how popular the show was to become (in the UK at least).

  8. She was err.. worryingly similar to her character in Skins, actually. We used to joke that she wasn't actually acting in the show, and that her character's weirdness was all natural :D, although I'm sure she's a perfectly capable actress now.

    I wonder what my life would be like now if I had auditioned when the production team were casting at a my school... ahhh..

  9. Not what it looks like from here ;)

  10. The girl in your profile picture.. Is that Hannah Murrey (from the original cast of Skins)?

    If it is, then she was in quite a few of my classes during secondary school & college.

    Not sure why you'd be interested be interested, but.. hey! Never look a gift horse in the mouth and all that.. even if it's to question the validity of the gift!

  11. I see your birthday falls on 20/10/2010. That was some pretty good planning by your parents to think that far ahead :p

    Interestingly enough, I heard today is also World Statistics Day.. (!)

  12. Haha, so true, so true.

    The thought of people going about their daily business without litigation just makes me SICK!

  13. First time I get on in weeks and I get bloody stalked! :p

  14. Hah, alright fine; I wont quit :p

  15. Well, it's in Bristol.

  16. I just want you to know that I had spaghetti meatballs last night and.. thought of you.. *cough*

    (I didn't really think of you, although it would've been funny if I had :D You can still pretend I did, though)

  17. Every time I see your picture I crave spaghetti & meatballs. I can see it there, right now.. The sauce just dripping off the spaghetti.. a small column of steam rising from the freshly prepared dish, just begging to be eaten.. uuuuuhhhhh.. *drolls*

    So umm.. well done. For making me hungry. Carry on.

  18. This rhyme better end well, damnit!

    *shakes fist*

  19. I love you long time. Me so horny.

  20. Happy late birthday! >.<

  21. Fair enough.

    So who do I love long time; you or Kill Life?

  22. Fi' dolla'! Fi' dolla'!

  23. The uhh.. ditto of negotiable affection?

    Yeah, sure baby.. if the money's right..

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