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  1. durial321, cursed you does this need any explanation ? (fala massacre 6/6/6) oh and ofcourse our very own lightning is pretty famous :D
  2. My cb lv 58 dds pure will dm you, mkay ? stats : 60 att 60 str 1 def feeling to fite me? add o dutch ingame
  3. Banned for not wanting to be banned by someone who wanted to ban someone i banned
  4. Banned for thinking i hate pokemon :) Lol actually i watch it :D
  5. The candy attacks...but trips over the turtle carcass Wish I was a rolling stone :)
  6. It was true but robot called all his emo friends and bought you as present for Death so they don't get send back I wish i wished my mother wished that i wished she wished a fish :P (corrupt that!)
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