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  1. ur mom is a lvl 12 siphon + edit: damn google images that is some shitty quality on that gif. oh well.
  2. Ok so it's like 2006 or something when I got this: Now I hear Barrows is all crazy pricing, so I go back - and I get this :) (Bottom of inventory) .... Which is actually two separate drops :\ I got the Akrisae Skirt about 3 runs prior. Still - a double drop, not bad, not bad. Edit: dang some nice loot for like... 1 hour's work:
  3. #SWAG 1) I bought those when I had 800m cash and nothing to spend on. 2) http://runeapps.org/ :) This app changed my life. It solves ALL your sliding/celtic knot/etc whatever clues. It even has a little cursor that guides you through the sliding puzzle. That's the only feature I use on it - it does a ton of other stuff as well. Yea literally this. I even bought them the day they came out so I probably spent way too much on them :\
  4. Daaaaaaaamn @ chat. That's really gotta suck :\\ 2394 Total lvl
  5. So my xbox 1 is on the fritz so I'm like "lemme do some araxxi" 2nd kill in over 6 months:
  6. Yea I'm curious as well. [bleep] destiny and their "hurr durr idfk what a harrowed helmet is lmfa0" BUNGIE A HARROWED HELMET IS THE LAST FREAKING PIECE I NEED FOR THAT DICE AF SHADER." At least with Nex you only spend 4 minutes not getting your triple zaryte drop. These raids are 3-4 hours and you can only do once a week. :( I kind of want to get back into Runescape. Now that I'm a billionaire and all.
  7. Omfg. I bought black Santa hat for 400m. Rswiki says its worth 900m. I am a genius.
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