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  1. Damis or kamil think either nearly insatnt prayer drain and decent accuret mele hits or forzen for 10 secs without being able to atack back.
  2. cut down the tre again and use a knife on it the same way as you got it last time except without the spirit
  3. if you die with them can you get them back from the people who give thme to you.
  4. 1. it dosn't even work 2. report to jagex anyway that you found it on another site. 3. don't worry about even if it did work jagex bans you if you gain heaps of high lvls at once.
  5. 95 cb or mage btw i think its only good if your on ancients and using burst or barrage
  6. he probably has a main btw lvl 3 red phat
  7. If you set recovery questions you'll most likely get it back btw did you report them through the game or on the front page under recover a lost password. I just notice you reported them once in game.
  8. same hting nealry happened to me hte other day toI was at greens skulled lvl 80 walks up to me with nothing on and attacks me i kill her and she drops random stuff including 4 mystic noted tops i pick them up to see how many there are and quickly drop them before i die.
  9. you get them free off a quest but you can onlt ever get one btw help & advis forum
  10. umm the bank in the dwarf city theres never any1 there
  11. you forgot the keg balancing game i got i pic with all 5 on my head if you want
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