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  1. Jagex need a new game with is its own client not Java.
  2. Out of everyband I've seen no-one can top InMe. There simply amazing live (Been twice, probably going again at the end of this year).
  3. I don't see the difference in them posts to be honest.. Limp Bizkit? Released The Unquestionable Truth (Part 1) and Greatest hits. None of them sold, think there recording Part 2, but yeah they died when they messed around with these guitarist. That guy who replaced Wes was playing for them when they produced there best record imo. After Results May Vary, they went quiet. Especially due to Fred being in Porn incidents etc.
  4. Ordered and Recieverd The New Stone Sour Album Via Play.com Quality album =) As good as there debut self-titled album.
  5. Love then :). Absolute awesome band. Fav has to be Firefly, that song is just quality.
  6. Try again. Militant and Esq187 Founders of "THE". Osiris BK ;) - Co-Founder Of The Blacknights
  7. Zorro Toys up there? Mayana should be then. Especially since you have the Maylasians up there (War Gto and War XXL). Glad to see Miss Terious is there :). (About 3 years ago Zorro was my rs dad, Mayana my rs mum and Miss Terious my sis, with a guy named 'Slicer' as my bro.. I was 15 back then). Richfriend? I'd have to stick White Jaguar and Lucca13 there, eiei0 aswell. Forsakenmage? I'd have to stick her mentors here up, Gugge the swedish lady with her cat on her lap. I know 50% of that list, and used to fight the other 50% :lol: Unitpoop? I'd have to stick the rest of AOD up, Ultra Evil, Mortamus, XDX, Clever Ninja and Kind Ninja.. Theres quite a few, if you stick one, you'll have to stick more imo :o.
  8. Swedish boy has a point.. Didn't you take a pic? Jagex doesn't delete accounts, I saw someone at school with 540 from last visit. With my own eyes :arrow: :shock: No they get whiped or reset ;).
  9. 'kid took credit for some stuff'. Footballguru = Old Skool Legendary Clan Leader. You = Dirty Little Keylogger.
  10. Swedish boy has a point.. Didn't you take a pic?
  11. Shame when I read tip.it now 50% claim to be old players, none are...
  12. Its your connection to the server, nothing to worry about.
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