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  1. This. I can't help but feel cheated, it is a complex matter and I am a 9 year player been p2p off and on. It feels sorta dirty of Jagex to just pull this out from people's noses especially when its just a cape for christ's sake how many man hours does it take to model a flat piece of tapestry to give to some dedicated fans that have played throughout the years.
  2. Why don't they simply just let people that have played 5+ years vote and no one else, I do realize that some people are below that requirement but close to it but this would be a more accurate poll of what true veterans want.
  3. Yup, and oh gee golly thanks jagex for up to iron armor for f2p
  4. Have you tried Diango? Yep, I even got a Jmod to look into my acc for me once and he confirmed that I do not have bunny ears. I am sure this is not true though as I distinctly remember trying to get a second pair by getting a friend to kill me in the wilderness and running from lumbridge to try to pick them up. I had this problem as well, I had bunny ears on runescape classic then when the update came to rs2 I lost them
  5. I shall call this new skill Zelda: A link to the past oh wait =X
  6. I would get 99 prayer as fast as possible just so I could :thumbsup: I already have it (h). -here's to hoping at least one of the new prayers is f2p
  7. I feel that changes made if any will have to be not just new prayers added but, new ways to use prayer overall maybe a set of prayers that take a specific amount of prayer points to use and their effect is immediate. An example of such might be lvl 85 prayer "heal"-takes 5 prayer points and heals you 10 hp or lvl 95 prayer that takes 10 prayer points to use and heals 25. I know this might seem like lunar but something like this would be more practical because prayer points are more tangible than runes are and are something everyone has at all times.
  8. Crimsoncow could you please post a link to this question and answer by mmg because I could not seem to find it at all in the Q and A.
  9. The very first time I played runescape I tried to talk to the general storekeeper by typing in game and got frustrated when he didn't respond :oops:
  10. I myself have been ddos'd and I was not even in a irc channel I just see 2 random people i don't know come up to me start saying "hey darkbowzer" "i love you" 3 seconds later lost connection and came back dead in edge
  11. Hmmm the spell that increases your prayer by 25% sorta removes the point of prayer potions :wall: + cost a lot less and super alchemy does not sound too good for the economy might as well just call the spell "super inflation" Printing money when you don't have it is always a bad idea :lol:. But as for balancing f2p magic i think most of the spells are a good idea... such as the one where it moves your enemy away from you so many squares and spells that decrease damage taken as well as the one that teleports you away to a random spot near your enemy. I also liked the ripple spells that hit 3x faster and the harder hitting combat spells. The healing spells seem less than helpful healing a minor 8-16(?) and only being able to cast every(5-15 mins?)
  12. All of my friends and me started around runescape classic then all of them quit but me. Then this year most of them all started playing again and all want my help now gf =D> :lol:
  13. I agree that there should be some new higher level equipment that is not ungodly expensive like 60m+. (off topic rant)*I feel that jagex doomed the spirit shields to "3rd age limbo" after they changed the Corporal beast causing even the highest of players to only last 1-2 kills every load of sharks*
  14. f2p tele-block :thumbsup: only been a dream up until now
  15. What platebody for spartan! Varrock 1?
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