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  1. indeed, my little 12 year old brother at home even knows how to keep safe. I've never used SS, general because when I read up on it there were many many differing accounts as to whether it was legal or not. still I think anyone who gets hacked by using software took a chance anyway. Pretty much everyone knows SS is legitimate, and contains nothing malicious, so JaGEx shouldn't worry. On another forum, everyone is cussing out JaGEx for how stupid they are. all this has done has convinced MORE people how poor their skills are. I like (in the previously posted screen shots of the rally in Falador) how they are inviting everyone to send in thousands of letters to the customer care center. hopefully we can bring it back. JaGEx must see the error of their ways! not like they care or even want to listen to our views...
  2. don't be mean... I've always said that one of the best investments one can make is in trimmed dragonhide. zamorak is a worthy trim with which one can buy their dragonhide in, and currently all the rage in most places. anyways, you look good with the zamorak vestment bottom. very fasionable as well. good luck with everything, you'll be there in no time. I'm just glad I finally fond someone poorer than I
  3. I like these chemistry facts at the bottom. being an athelete, I love my adenine triphosphate! anyway, keep up with the great work. a noble goal that. this is made all the better by the fact that it's 5:00 in the morning... I mean by the heavy science.
  4. if you are a dork, have no friends, and no life, and are bored. that pretty much summs up my reasons for doing anything on the internet. no friends, no life, and lack of brain stimulation. sorry for the cynicism.
  5. snowball! unfortunately now that I've completed the event The game has taken all of mine, and I cant get more =(
  6. for some reason, i got like 7 "hyt"s while fishing in edgeville/ barbarian village. I knew very few of the people though. I don't post here much anymore. anyway, I see toast647 and oreo9870 a lot, I first met oreo9870 while pking toast647's pure, "cursed_toast". I met a few more people when toast647 persuaded me to join him at the ooc patch for someone's leveling up. I've never seen many of these people, even if I speak with some of them a lot, I still rarely see them.
  7. well, I like to hear about "ye olde legendse" of runescape. I think it's a part of my history, being a player. anyway, this should be required reading for new players. also: I'm certain The Old Nite should be up there, I never knew him, but Some of those are only mentioned for being seconds, and he was seconds from when I started playing until... Whenever. Also, from what I hear, he was a good person. I also love that username.
  8. go mirrorforced! yay! I'm procrastinating again, so I'll say something nice here. "Firefox 2.0 owns" now about you: excellent leveling there! I might get runecrafting up so I can start to make some minor money off it. I wonder, how hard/long did it take to train this, hm? i have a lot on my plate as it is. firstly, continue to fish to rebuild food supply. 2. sell nasty salmon/trout in edgeville and fish some real food. pi! keep ranging until arrows are gone (should last me for another 500,000 experience, enough to double it again, i think) four. do some woodcutting on the side and burn it all last: runecraft something after last: up mining and smithing. so At least I have everything planned out. now all i have to do is log in more than once every three days. Keep doing better than i am!
  9. me: OMG! can I have a free whip tomorrow? you: yep! *next day comes* me: well? you: i said I'd give you one tomorrow! is it tomorrow yet? no. I wonder if anyone has not figured this out yet. it's the whole "free beer tomorrow" thing, it'll never be "tomorrow". good one =P anyways, keep up the work! since you require more than 500,000 experience to have 85 of a skill, may I assume that is for the amount you gained in one day?
  10. you? you? I've stayed up past 12 from Tuesday until Wednesday, which was 1:00, Thursday 1:30, Friday, i went to bed early at 12:45, Saturday and Sunday both I stayed up until 2:00, Monday, I went to bed early at 11:00, and today is probably going to be 3:00 all of which is from work, total hours... about 35 I'm taking a short break by the way. edit: oh yeah, stay on topic. forgot about that. Yeah, Oreo, I try, I try. But as you can see, it's very thinly veiled spam. I mean, come-on who discusses the impact a single post has on the future? What I neglected to mention is that (heh) everyone's posts have potentially the same effect =P When I stop having lots o' work I might get on and train up fishing more! 3 levels yesterday.. Might I add that Firefox 2.0 is awesome! in-browser spell check!
  11. that pretty much sums up my whole argument. I can easily afford membership, but I don't think it's worth it. I'm only level 75 though. Also it's great to brag that your "f2p level" is higher than the other person's is.
  12. you're too cool for me to to wish you well. good luck with it all. I'll be fishing in barbarian village if you need me. I might hang out with you sometime if you're on. If I can get my lazy account on the game again. keep it up. great pk there. I almost got one kill once, but I'll never be as good as that. Someday I'll have my day!
  13. Dork_Vader Oreo's Blog 02-12-2006 Dear Sir, I must congratulate you on all your hard work, and shower a thousand thank-yous apon you in such profusion as to be stifling. The thanks is for typing my name in Italics on the first page, as this is likely the reason why thousands of paparazzi are ambushing me whilst I fish in the barbarian village. By associating myself with both you and Mr. Toast, I have thus gained much status on the social ladder. This is my only hope of combating my state of being a Dork. Feeling the ever-present need to post utter spam in the forums, I must type this to bump your weblog here to the top of the board, so everyone can see my name in italics on page one. this may or may not also raise my post count by one, which is indeed a feasible plan. My scheme here shall be brought to frutition with a multitude of keypresses and a single clik of the mouse. I do hope no-one will realize my ulterior motives behind this facade of chilvary. In the spirit of this verbose post not getting deleted, I must also add somthing to the discussion here. this is the part where I type needlessly-long paragraphs showring you with many scentancces of praise and extolation as I shout to the heavens the name of a player who, when the first time they saw me, asked me who my main was. (I replied with "this -is- my main") Obvoiusly Oreo here thought such a worthy man as I should have a more powerful playing character after playing for one years time. Unfortuantely, I've spent the entire summer ignoring melee whilst I train ranged and magic, which had been neglected. I digress in this digression-like post. On to the meat of the matter. Oh wise and ever gracious Oreo, you must realize that you are the true savior of runescape, both with your mighty username and your awe-insiring good looks. There are few words in english that can convey enough reverence as many have for you. Neverhteless, your blog here is regarded by all as a true masterpiece in Digital image making and the use of BullienBoard code. Yes, this shows the intelligence behind the man behind the goals. the Goals which are truly some of the best goals every evinced by a pattern of neurons firing, and converted by the use of kinetic energy (of the phalanges) into magnetic charges. Yes, this incredibly wonderful post is the shining star of the entire server-cluster, and is worshipped by all the other charges as a king of deitys. And rightly so, as every part of the first post on this post is a miracle in itself, how well it interlocks and meshes to convey meaning. Not only do the words evince images to be formed in the virtual depths of out brains, but you have made thousand apon thousands of synapses pass information from dendrite to dendrite as the neurons of literally hundres of homo-sapiens read this and do not marvel that their cones and rods are working properly and that they can do the higher-order thinking of reading and interpreting mening. This is the true miracle of science, how everything came together in such a precise pattern to produce this, which in the grand scheme of things is incredibly unlikely. For example, if any piece of space-dust wete to collide in the wrong fasion, the earth itself may not have formed. If the planet were not a very certain distance for the star it rotates around were a millimeter closer in or further away, things would be different. If even one action by one person (of billions) had been taken differently, chances are none of us would be here reading this. Yes billions apon billions of events had to occur in exactly the right way to form all of us sitting here, and in particular, Oreo. Indeed, if Oreos were not invented, we would be reading somthing different. All of this, this stunning menagerie that is the present can only be appreciated by few, as many spend their entire lives taking it for granted. and all of this, all of it has come to this very point, all of it has sharpened down to this very forum, this very post on it. all of it has lead to this. A player has set goals, not just any goals, but goals that were set by the hand of destiny. Yes, this post and these goals are a product of every action ever taken gone right. They are truly one in a million. as is Oreo. believe what you will, or neglect to read it, but some may say that your action of reading these goals and replying to them has changed the world forever, for if you had not, if all of you ahd ignored this, then oreo migh abandon his goals, and by the butterfly effect, the future will occur quite differently than the way it is going to occur by the action of pressing a few keys and clicking a mouse. So if you might not read this for its length, so be it. thigs will turn out differently based on even the most negligent of acts. oreo, I bid you good luck with your goals, knowing that you will achieve them. Therefore, the luck factor comes into play for you to take the perfect amount of time with them. just enough so you feel a glowing sence of satisfaction, but not enough for you to quit in them. I bid you all a good day, as it may brighten someone's. Dork_Vader
  14. great work! good luck on everything else as well. since I have about 400k now I'll take some if the money I'll make from copying you and helping to merchant coal, and up my prayer to 50. I usually have a high prayer for my combat, but I just realized I want more! more! So I'll get on sometime and say hi =P You may (I doubt it) remember me. For some reason, a lot of people I don't know are saying "hey ****" (they try so hard to say "dork", but it still comes out censored). I'm very scared by this as I don't like the prospect of having people know me whom I dont. Not good. In any case, keep it up! your levels own mine, so I'll have to try hard to keep up (as in, I play once a week on average, so it'll be very hard.)
  15. Sounds painful...I would have to put Vasaline on my anus... lol, siggehd! Well i got a pure called "I Sale Rocks"... I had some others that i've seen too, but reading all the posts on this thread made me forget them -.- necrobrawler would be jealous :P Necrobrawler inspired him to make that account. awesome name! yeah, since that was taken, I wanted to make one "Hugh_Jarms" but it's also taken. My favorite was "dork_vader", but it's taken as well. I've never seen him/her on so I must say they have quit. the second best would have to be "dork_vader_0" Necrobrawler (chaos reborn here) has an account called "gnoat", which stands for "Greatest Noob Of All Time" It's a section of his website.
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