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  1. I saw the bad news on the other forums I go to. I'm so sad now :cry: . R.I.P. Steve Irwin
  2. I'm also still waiting for the next part of the red axe series. My friends and I love quests, I have a level 60 friend with over 190 qp.
  3. Wow so if you have a crystal saw, tea, and ur lucky enough to get con bonus with stew, thats a huge bonus...
  4. Can you remove me from the under 90 bracket, turns out I have a family event during the party.
  5. I've only done one level 3 clue scroll (i got from cyclops) and I got a rune plateleg (g) and a god page. But when my friend did his level 3 clue all he got was black dhide and other junk.
  6. Screw them both, jagex made bloodvelds underpowered. :evil: #-o Who are you kidding, I take tele runes everytime I go near Bloodvelds course.. that might be so I can bank easier.... He was being sarcastic..... unless he actually believes that :lol:
  7. Well the story did say he was a ZOMBIE pirate, and I'm pretty sure zombies can live with half of their brain.
  8. I've seen a couple of clans at cw before, but this is the most people I've ever seen in Cw ever! Ever! And I've been playing Cw enough to get full white & blue decorative!
  9. Definitetly Monkfish I heard how fast they are, I'm continously playing pest control just to get my magic up enough to do swan song.
  10. I'd probably put it in magic, range, and prayer because those are hard to train. But I would also probably get the void knight armor and mace.
  11. Wow feel sorry for you, this is why I always bring a bullseye lantern (those don't explode)
  12. Some people don't like to have to spend maintennance money on their armor.
  13. They're not rare just uncommon, I've killed a bunch of fremmy warriors and I have 3 fremmy helms and 4 fremmy blades, still haven't gotten fremmy shield though...
  14. errr... you just don't go blind... :) Infinity is infinite when multiplied by infinity.
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