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  1. Very nice guide! I found it helpful... I never though about going there after the no more pking update... In fact I never even thought of entering wildy again lol Shawrty4
  2. Basically I would just like an abstract avatar with Shawrty4 somewhere on it... Just have fun... I dont know what common size for sprays are on counter strike but ive anyone does could you please share? Thanks, Shawrty4
  3. shawrty4


    Can anyone else add something? Shawrty4
  4. shawrty4


    Lol I asked nothing about hunter... But thanks... Shawrty4
  5. shawrty4


    Is it possible for me to solo these... without guthans... Or would I need a team? Also are there any good guides to killing these? Thanks, Shawrty4
  6. Thanks pictures would be a huge help! Shawrty4
  7. Basically im 4 lvls away from dust devils and was wondering if theres a safe spot for these? Thanks, Shawrty4
  8. How is this for a aberrant spectres outfit? Just so you know ive been here before... Just want to see if I could get a better outfit... Dont say anything outrageous like BGS... Tell me if I should switch/add things... Only thing I dont want to hear is bring a Ring of Wealth... Im against them... I do own one... I just seem to notice I tend to get better drops when I dont wear it... Thanks, Shawrty4
  9. Lets say im wearing black mask... obviously doing slayer... and I drink a pot will I get both the 15% from the mask and the pot? Shawrty4
  10. Thanks anyone else got anything to add... and i dont have guthans... to poor lol Shawrty4
  11. Which one is better... im lvl 100 combat... with 60 slayer... if you want any other stats check highs... and im going for 65 slayer which slayer master would you recommend? Shawrty4
  12. Thanks everyone... I know im over-excited... But reaching 100 is like reaching 126 in my eyes... lol I know ill never get to 126 so its not even a goal... Shawrty4
  13. Finally reached my goal of 100 combat... Ive had this goal since I started lol... So happy to finally be triple digits... So many more things to do... Shilo slayer master... 100+ PC Boat and so on lol... Shawrty4
  14. couldnt find it... i was looking... ill try again... maybe just to excited to find it lol Shawrty4
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