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  1. Nice find.


    But I found better monsters to train on.


    They don't drop anything good, but it's for the exp he.


    Not saying what it is!


    Most of you can't enter it anyways. And yes, it's f2p...




    Al kharid guards? lol, those guys don't stop :P




    Ooh ooh! Is it those guards at that prison you have to go to in Prince Ali Rescue quest?

  2. I don't understand why people afk train in the first place. What's the point in playing if your not gonna be at your computer. It's just taking away the point in playing. Besides you never know what could happen and for people with me who'd rather not splash out on another set of Guthans we don't want to take the risk.

  3. The f2p ranger update, made ranged training more easier... and increased the max hit a lot too \'




    Sorry to sound noobie, but what f2p ranger update?? I don't think I've heard of that one lol




    In f2p the bows only went up to oak *shivers* and the arrows only too steel I think...Yup much harder to range back then *shivers*




    Now it's up to maple bows and addy arrows...there might have been something else but it was over a year ago I think.

  4. Should Jagex do anything to improve its testing protocols? Possibly, but as theyÃÆââââ¬Å¡Ã¬Ã¢ââ¬Å¾Ã¢re committed to a schedule of one major update per month and a minor one every week or so, I doubt thereÃÆââââ¬Å¡Ã¬Ã¢ââ¬Å¾Ã¢s much they can do other than hire more programmers and software testers.





    Why not just get people in game willing to do it for free (but as player mods)

  5. I don't understand why people my age (13) beleive older people can't play #-o You know I think it's that how pervert thing that their parents force into beleiving. I know I'm not stupid enough to hand out my details to someone i've never met other than msn. And because most of them are [developmentally delayed]ed losers who find the only option they have in RL is suicide they try to act differently just because it's a game. So now their just thinking of someone their age to "hook up with" and when they find their older they get pissed off and say all kinds of crap.




    Also we get a lot of the little annyoing kids from miniclip. Those idiots had runescape at #1 for about a year. We've been #2 for quite along time too :? Jagex should ask minclip to get rid of it...although Jagex just wants customers... I myself started runescape through a friend. I think he found RS from miniclip. Does that make me a miniclip product (O_o)

  6. Dunno what you guys are talking about prayer is easy! I had 43 before I was a level 60. I got 43 prayer on f2p only. Even when I was a member I was too nooby to bury anything better than giant bones. The most annoying is farming >.< Totally not worth doing




    [EDIT]The secret to my prayer success was when I first started my nooby friend from school told me that if you bury enough bones you become invincible (protect from melee.) That sounded awesome so whenever i met a monster I'd kill it for it's bone and if I saw one on the floor I'd bury it straight away :P Several times I stayed at the monestery burying bones until i reached a certain level. You have no idea how disappointed I was when I realised that protect from melee on worked on NPC's and with hand to hand attacks :(

  7. This must be the funnies thread ive ever seen. EVER.


    I guess general p2p is old fashioned now. General is my new homeforum :P . And for the guy who started this thread. I love yoo! :oops: =D> =D> .





    I love you too :lol:




    I admit I spend most of the time in general too :P

  8. i don't know were, but i remember reading it will be something like comindimant plate, and will have some rules on the examine. it wwill also be somewere between addy and mith...don't ask me how i know i just do




    EDIT: i found it, still won't tell you from were:


    The new armor will be called Commandment Plate, and will be between mith and addy in terms of defense. You can read it the same way you'd read a book if you're not wearing it, as it has all of Jagex's rules stapled to the front in a helpful li'l book. It cannot be sold.




    I believe that is what you were looking for. Also- where is the ooc forums. I want to check this out myself.




    Sounds like **** to me :?

  9. Argh i hate these cases, for some reason I feel very guilty. One time (when I was kind of nooby) a noob with full black (which I thought was awesome at the time :P) died to a wizard and I got all his stuff (including runes and money.) I celebrated for about a minute before i felt guilty so I looked for his name on the chat screen and teled to lumbridge. I found him and gave back his armour. I didn't know how much runes and money he dropped (not many) so I didn't give those back but he was greatful for armour. I felt better afterwards :mrgreen:

  10. This is a very weird one i only remember a part but it is way dumber.




    (I am walking through Lumbridge)




    Noob: Whoa u r so so rich!!!




    Me: ...I am?




    Noob: Duh You have a black and blue party hat




    Me: ???They r wizard hats




    Noob: Liar i report u for item scamming




    Me: U cant do that i didnt do anything




    Noob: Reported for offensive language




    Me: ?




    Noob: Why do u wear copper armor that is so weak my bronze is better




    Me: Its Dragon!!!




    Noob: U Wish, ...whats a dragon?




    Me: forget it




    Noob: Give me all your riches or i tell me brother Andrew Goward




    Me : Lol




    Noob: Thats it your gonna pay








    Noob: I tell him right now!!! Stay!!!






    And he never came back again 8-)




    That gets a big LOL from me :lol:

  11. This happened a while ago.




    ( I was wearing my warrior outfit, with Obby shield)


    A lvl 27 guy comes up to me:












    Noob:Whats dat shield?


    Me:Obby shield.


    Noob:What kinda name is obby?


    Me:It's an obsidian shield.


    Noob:You said it wus obby. Reported for item scamminng.


    Me:Obby = short for obsidian.


    Noob:So your shield is a short version of an obsidian one?


    Me:No...My shield is obsidian. Obby is obsidian, just shorter name.


    Noob:I see..What def lvl is needed?




    Noob:I got that! Gimme your shield noob!!


    Me:How about no?


    Noob:I wil kill you! I can attack outta the wildy!




    Noob:Yeah! Gimme your shield!




    Noob:Lemme go get my attacking outta wildy staff. Brb!




    He never came back :?




    It's scary seeing how stupid some people are :lol:

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