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  1. i don't get dungeoneering. i'm still at level 14. lol. congratz on your understanding of dungeoneering. :)
  2. PB...I can see you're still well. I logged back on RS today in the first time in 164 days. You're still going strong as always, and I wish you best of luck on your college apps and your RS goals. :) -nairb
  3. Hehe. I need to work on my wimpy 39 RC too. I at least to get 50 lol. ps. SOY UNA JUNIOR!
  4. All language exams at my school are pretty much a joke, especially spanish. My teacher says that if you have a 95% or higher in Spanish, you don't even need to take the written final lol. And the oral final is hella easy. But I have a Precalc Final tomorrow.
  5. My high school's mascot is an Indian. Our colors are blue and yellow. Our cross-town rivals are "Crushers". Their colors are burgundy and yellow.
  6. Congratz on 63 crafting and have fun with the flax spnning :thumbsup:
  7. Congratz on being a senior now pinkie :D. I get out in 5 days lol.
  8. Isn't deuterium a hydronium isotope or something? and gratz pinkie on 91 wc too.
  9. Blueberries. Why wasn't the last Ottoman siege of Vienna in 1683 successful?
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