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  1. Bit of an odd war. War was supposed to be a 2-rounder, but... First round rules: Melee & binds Matched opts 3 range cap 3 snipe cap No dungeon equipment No corrupt Usual bounds, ect. We hadn't been in the war business for a while, and therefore only pulled 11. Our tanking was a bit rusty, kudos to RA for great hugging and tanking. We went from 11 to 9 in around 2 minutes, but got our stuff together and ran the counter down to 8-5 for us with some great KO action. Second round was supposed to be same rules, but with the range cap being removed. We entered portal, but they refused to drop and just rushed us with dung weapons, so we didn't even bother. As soon as we left portal, they all cabbage-port so, meh. Guess we're back, guys :) EDIT: I r gud speel.
  2. A lucky, lucky rebel. Yes, it's already sold ;) Wasn't sure whether to post this in Clues or in here, but seeing as everyone just said "screw the Monster drop forum", I thought I'd do the same. Even so, I'd say this warrants a thread, considering my usually-abysmal clue luck :D
  3. The thing I'm more interested in is... Creepybacon has to be one of the Jagex staff's normal accounts :o
  4. Starting opts for BSE: You can see LTH's starting opts too, they dropped down to 17 to match us. Ending opts: Hoo-ah for BSE, after a long hiatus from post-wars, we're back in the game :D. Congrats on LTH fighting a very clean fight, no issues on either side (other than BSE stepping out of bounds for a few tiles). The war was very close, and was fairly even until the very end, when LTH started piling one of our best tanks. All in all, thank you to LTH for allowing us to war them, and congrats to Bloodshed for its first major victory in a few months.
  5. Nothing special. Snuck up on me during a slayer task.
  6. Yeah, I know, it's common. Rate/hate/mate (please?)
  7. Phoebus is often used in litterature to symbolize the Sun, or sunlight in its many forms. Perhaps here, it could reference to the rotting of Morytania, hence the loss of sunlight?
  8. Christ, let me guess: it's about a buck or two per text sent? Did you ever pause to consider the massive amount of ratings they're getting from this?
  9. I think I just got a half-chub. I love you, you know that?
  10. Gee, that's a great way to start a topic. Anyhow, I find that affection often tends to end conflits. If some jerk and I are arguing, in the middle of the fight, I'll offer a hug. If he accepts, yay, fight's over. If not, the awkward silence tends to break the ice.
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