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  1. Work orders are a terrible idea. The reason behind having resource caps are so more than a handful of people are needed to skill there. Having work orders would remove any need for the resource cap. I can see that this could make it so that only a handful of people actually need to do the skilling, but I don't see that as an inherently bad thing. These people would be rewarded for their contribution to the clan above and beyond what is asked of them for the week, and people that don't want to do this aren't bothered as long as their work orders are filled. As for work orders removing the need for the resource cap, I disagree. People could only post work orders until their resource cap is met (a tier 1 storage giving 1k cap, meaning 10 work orders). People can only take work orders after they capped their own resources purely through their own skilling and could only take work orders if one of their clanmates posted one. I see other positives to this system as well. Established players can help out newer players in their clan with this system. The newer players that don't normally make money as fast would end up being given money by the established players without it actually being charity. We were all new players at one point, one of the biggest concerns was "how can we afford anything?" I even get asked by players over 100 combat how to make money. If this system allows such players an accessible source of income, that could mean fewer beggers and fewer people tempted to real world trade. Unless some undeniable drawbacks to this system are brought to light, I see the positives outweighing the negatives.
  2. It's a good idea, and one I've mulled over myself. The option to pay gp for resources (up to your resource cap) would encourage more people to contribute to their clan's citadel. It takes how long to get your week's resources? An hour and half, two? This is time spent each week on something that's, let's face it, a very click intensive grind for something that's low exp/hour and 0 gp/hour with no tangible benefit. This is something that, not surprisingly, some people don't find fun and end up not contributing at all to the citadel. I first thought that such a system would be like you pay x amount of gp for 1 resource, but previous posts bring up another good scenario. Let's take clanmate A, he's wealthy and detests the turn brain on autopilot session that resource gathering is. Instead of doing that or even worse, turning his back on the clan by not contributing, he can go to the clan quartermaster. There he can put a work order in that any other clanmate can fill. For this example let's say the cost of putting in the work order is 300k per 100 resources. Clanmate A can put in as many work orders up to the resource cap. This is where clanmate B comes in, he could be wealthy or not so much, doesn't really matter. However, unlike clanmate A, clanmate B can't get enough of gathering resources for the citadel and is even sad when he caps his resources contribution. When he reaches his cap, he can make a visit to the quartermaster and is now qualified to accept work orders. He can only take on 1 at a time, so each time he gets 100 resources he has to go get another. Each work filled is rewarded with the princely sum of 200k (wonder what that sneaky quartermaster is doing with that extra 100k :P). Qualified clanmates (those that have capped their own resources by gathering) have no limit on how many work orders they can fill.
  3. Yeah, even if it isn't technically allowed, they pick and choose which ones to tell youtube to cease and desist, I think that's wrong, it's either all okay or none of it is. Also I think Jagex lost at least some ability to claim copyright infringement on videos the day they put ingame tools that support vid making *cough* orb of occulus.
  4. Are they claiming copyright infringement because your vid has gameplay footage? If so, gameplay footage is fair use. EDIT: Perhaps Not, looked it up. The US copyright office says gameplay footage would be a public display of copyrighted material which is a no no. This is odd, I've been under the impression for years that posting gameplay footage is not a specific violation of copyrights mainly a fair use of the copyrighted material. I'm going to have to look into this further. EDIT 2: The legality of posting gameplay footage is something that has not been properly tested in the courts yet. Fair use is a possible defense against a lawsuit, however, in US courts, fair use would be an affirmative defense, meaning it's an uphill battle for the defendant. The argument can definitely be made, but sites such as Youtube are not going to go through a long, drawn out, and expensive legal battle over something that is not likely to increase their revenue. This means companies like Jagex can cry copyright infringement on any vid they want and they'll get their way.
  5. That's because the dragonfire shield is only 1 str bonus more than the dragon defender, while the defender gives gives in the mid 20s to attack bonus. The attack boost of the defender gives a bigger boost to DPS against more monsters than 1 more str bonus with no attack boost would.
  6. When it comes to gambling, hosts are selling entertainment. The possibility of a player making a fast buck adds to that entertainment. The house edge that any legitimate host operates with is the cost of fun, so anyone that thinks dicing in and of itself is a scam even when hosts pay winners need to relieve themselves of that mindset. Since people have been calling dicing clans on using player mod muscle to protect their turf, I wonder if they resorted to doing it covertly (not making threats, just doing it). That's just a thought, I'm not asserting any truth to that as I have no proof. Jagex is apparently divided on the issue. No amendment to the scamming rule to prohibit it, for the most part one post in the account help section "Don't lose your Stuff" warning you that such games carry the risk of scamming being the most prominent acknowledgement that it's going on. Dicing is so lucrative that if they flat out ban it now, their forum mods will be very busy handling all the ranting, especially with no rants forum anymore. It seems fairly obvious that the solution that will please as many people as possible would be to make a secure way to handle these wagers. Any host with no intent to scam will have no objections using a secure feature, dicing clans lose the ability to muscle the little guys out, and gamblers can gamble without fear of getting scammed. As for Jagex not supporting gambling, gambling has been ingrained into Runescape since it's inception. Every drop that isn't 100% comes from a virtual roulette wheel (come on baby, daddy needs a new pair of claws), staking is very similar to dicing it's just supported ingame (people advertising their stakes do whatever they can to skew the odds in their favor, this is exactly what the "house edge" is, if not even more egregious than dicing). Gambling is even part of combat mechanics. Every attack is accompanied by 2 dice rolls that determine if the attack hits and a 3rd dice roll to determine the damage done.
  7. You can drain your stats with the cold that is north of Trollheim (outside GWD). Testing effectiveness of skill levels by draining stats is quite tedious since they will recover 1 every 100 game ticks (unless the log out trick works for drained stats as well). Testing with players with low leveled skills is inneffective as well since they level up too quickly to get an adequate sample size.
  8. Here's a link for those too lazy to type it in. :wink: [qfc]14-15-460-62823170[/qfc] So they're not against the rules, but you can't advertise for them on the forum or announce in game that you're hosting one? :-s That's like selling cigarettes in Canada; you can sell them, but you can't advertise them or display them. :wall: Dang i tried to follow the quick find code, but the thread is no longer on the forums it tells me.
  9. Conquest is similar to chess in the regard that generating unequal exchanges that favor you is benificial. A scout is worth 25 points, and an archer is woth 100, it makes sense to use charge on a scout to kill the archer. Even if you don't use another command to protect your scout and it dies you forced a 25 for 100 exchange in your favor (your opponent lost more material than you). If you can generate enough of a material advantage, you can then control the tempo of the match so long as you know when your opponent is capable of battle crying, charging, etc.
  10. K that makes sense :), sounds more like a vet move to do once you're used to graardor solo. A newbie to soloing him may want to learn the ropes with actual experience before doing that. My first solo attempt was saturday, got koed on kill number 2 (not to worry only lost supplies in the tortoise since the grave doesn't protect BOB inventory). Second solo attempt was later that night, turned into competing with a crasher who was using rapier. Using longsword, I won the majority of the DPS battles against him on graardor :P.
  11. Berserker ring helps with damage per minute, but would you really recommend not using the ring of wealth for solo? How much does it improve the odds of graardor dropping Bandos equipment and the hilt?
  12. Jennica's ring doesn't improve the odds of the drops we are actually interested in, it improves the odds of high level revs dropping certain things like amulets of glory, rune longswords, 120 death runes, etc. It's because of that I ditch jennica's ring and just wear charged ring of wealth for fast teleporting. The forinthry bracelet may be usefull for lower leveled players, but i think someone capable of soul split, turmoil, and is 90 plus in melees and magic shouldn't see much point to it. Have you confirmed that revs are weak to stab? I've just been using the chaotic rapier simply because it's the best damage per minute weapon there from my experience, especially when paired with a defender.
  13. You don't lose reward credits for losing, you will however lose reward credit payout if the game ends quickly(or at least your participation in the game). Suiciding on siege is by nature a fast way to play the game to earn rank, but since fast games carry with it a reward credit payout penalty, might not be necessarly the fastest way to convert investment credits into reward credits. I can't say for sure since I don't have the maths.
  14. It seems there are too many rules with both 'letter of the law' and 'spirit of the law' standards (like the spam issue you and I were discussing) that leave far too much room for interpretation depending on which mod looks at it. Perhaps it's time for Jagex to sit down and take a serious look at revamping these ambiguous rules before more people get black marks on their file based on poorly worded technicalities. Agreed, the spam issue is in the rules, but the language is open to interpretation and with potential ambiguities (two people can disagree and what is and isn't necessary). Until they fix the rule(s), ambiguities in them should be construed in favor of the party that did not draft it (the players).
  15. Yes one of the big problems here is perceivabely unfair black marks because Jagex is not enforcing a rule, but rather an esoteric policy that is not likely to be known by a legit host until after they received the black mark. Black marks are like criminal convictions, they should not be given for violating a policy that apparantly is still being hashed around in Jagex's offices, but rather for violating the letter of the law as it stands right now.
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