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  1. While i was reading throught this i hear alot about how much better di is then ds..and they said di had a bad turn out...well ds's turn out wasnt much better either we had alot of ppl who couldnt make it. Ppl flame and ppl accuse but ds wont loose its spot willingly it will take one bad clan to take it from us. But here's my list lol




    1.Ds- Great group




    2.gladz- good organization




    3.bk- rely on numbers but are strong








    This is all im going to name..di i wont name because anyone who will sit there and make up countless excuses about something and will flame like god know's...dont deserve anything
















    Anyways my list goes like this.








    1. DS - They beat DI for the #1 spot and no one has beaten them yet so they deserve this spot for the moment.




    2. Gladz - DI/Gladz - Both clans dominate almost all the clans under them except for a few exceptions.




    3. *look up*




    4. SA/RSD - Sorry 'the', but SA can pull mass numbers and has very good organization. I nice group to hang out with I must say. For RSD they have good numbers, and levels, not so sure about organization, but a good group nonetheless.




    5. *look up*




    6. THE - I'm so proud of you guys you've been owning it up lately keep it up! :D




    7. Anarchy - They can pull DS/Gladz like numbers, but the numbers and levels and organization are nowhere near.




    8. Exer - You guys have potential, just keep working on it.




    9. BK/other random clans. Even though I hate BK I don't think they're totally off the map yet. This is what mass recruiting does to you. :roll:









  2. Before I say this i think that if it came to miniwars TD would be number 1 on my list.








    1] DI




    2] Gladz




    3] ZF




    4] BK




    5] TD




    6] MK




    7] THE




    8] DS




    9] Jags




    10] TRWF

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