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  1. looks good. bring a super set and some pray pots. bring a holy wrench if you have one. you can also use a macaw for better herb drops.
  2. ^^ Protect from magic of course ;) Best is to use protect from magic as they hit very frequently. So full prayer outfit and melee them.
  3. Also, don't use slayer dart. Fire wave is better, as it has a max hit of 20 compared to 17 for the dart at your lvl. ;)
  4. My favorite barrows method is a combination between ancient magicks and a black salamander. For the melee brothers, I basically freeze them with ice blitz en then I place myself diagonally and shoot them with the sally. I believe the sally has a max hit equal to about 1/4 your magic lvl and is real cheap to use. The big advantage is that you can simply kill the brothers in their tombs without giving them much (if any) chance to hit you. Another benefit is that you can switch the sally to ranged style and easily kill ahrim with it too. At 95 ranged I kill Ahrim about as fast with a sally as with Karil's crossbow. IN addition to the sally, I always use guthans to heal in the tunnels. Since I hardly get hit, I generally don't need to bring any food and can use that inventory space for more prayer pots. I typically use 3 sips for each run, this can vary depending on who is in the tunnel (Karil is worst for me, since I always have trouble killing him). All in all, with my method I can do around 9-10 chest runs each trip without much problem. I then still have some invent space free for emergency food and teleports. Hope it helps! :)
  5. why instead? just use both ;)
  6. range them. use emerald bolts (e) to poison the dragon, then switch to broad bolts. You'll notice that the poison damage really helps in the long run. otherwise I suggest you skip them.
  7. phata_elise


    Didn't they change it? I'm sure the last time I played PP, mummies didn't attack me anymore just like scarab swarms.
  8. Just use the rune xbow with preferably broad bolts. If you really want faster hits, I suggest you try iron or steel knives or perhaps the msb with addy arrows. But keep in mind that the rune xbow packs quite a punch. ;) Bolt racks are just too expensive to use for general training.
  9. whoa whoa....uhhh ok its been a while, so you go north to where? and then what gates? In AL Kharid ;), next to the fire altar.
  10. great calculations, thanks! I guess it's best to stock those bolts (unf) up then for the time being.
  11. you are forgetting the unnoting cost at the blast furnace. 81 gp for 1 mith ore and around 30 or so gp for each coal. that gives a total cost of around 730-740 gp for one mith bar. So, smithing mith bolts at the blast furnace makes you lose cash. ;)
  12. karils has superior magic def and inferior melee def stats compared to black dragonhides. Karils top and bottom do not increase your rate of fire. The helm and xbow are not used often as the helm is quite rubish and the xbow uses expensive ammo and is therefore only used in very specific situations. Conclusion: ONly buy karils if you need the extra magic def or when you feel it looks good. Otherwise just use dragonhides.
  13. Just plant snapdragons in all patches. I get an average of 6.5 herbs per seed when using magic seculateurs, supercompost and also including the my arm's patch. I see no difference in rannar and snapdragon harvests. In fact, snapdragons seem to yield slightly more harvest than rannars. Average death rate is 11.1% for me and I think that it is independent to your farming lvl. So, just plant snaps. Just realize that if you only plant 10 or so seeds, one death will hurt your profit. But in the long run, snaps are the way to go.
  14. How do you range the greens without being under constant attack from several black babies? In time, do do considerable damage.
  15. I love void range. For most monsters, I still hit as often as with dragon hides while I do 10% more damage. I feel void is essential for serious ranging.
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