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  1. Congrats on your promotion to a [P] Member

  2. Hey, how's things going? Finally got your shit together life-wise?

    1. obfuscator


      I always had my shit together :) you?

    2. The Observer

      The Observer

      Yup, things are going well.

  3. Hello - long time no see. How's everything going?

  4. Been a while, eh? How's things?

    1. obfuscator


      Yeah man. pretty good, you? Still playing scape?

    2. The Observer

      The Observer

      Nah, stopped playing that a while ago. Only hang around various forums and stuff since I guess I still have responsibilities there.

  5. Congratulations on Crew mate. When did you get it?

  6. You know whenever I'm randomly browsing these boards instead of doing homework and I scroll down and see your signature... it quickly makes me shift my task to homework. Magic.

  7. Yeah, things are pretty good.

  8. Nice to see things are going well!

  9. Long time no see.

  10. Hey green veggie [bleep]

  11. My my my, a foreign gal.

  12. I see you wherever I look. OH SHIT

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