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  1. What is the worse thing that has ever happened to you in RS? I haven't had much happen to me.... I once got scammed and lost my mith armour once (slightly newbish I know). That was very bad for me, but slightly good 'cos I got some more and a better weapon, but mostly bad, but then again slightly good. What have been your worst RS experiences?
  2. Actually I've never played San Andreas, I'm only 13. I can totally see where you're coming from about social conversations though. And also, your input is important. Everybody has an opinion and I think it is immoral to think as anyone as unimportant.
  3. Thanks everyone for their comments. After all, it was only an idea! Merry Christmas!
  4. You have my support. I think it would be good if Jagex did put your idea into the game.
  5. Ok, so you've been playing for 2 years now. You have a party hat, a hallooween mask. But still, someone in the street finds themselves able to call you a noob. One way to fix this problem, for the dedicated people who have been playing RuneScape for AGES, could be adding a respect skill. My idea came to me when I was walking down the street and I saw a level 18 calling a level 72 a noob because he refused to buy some mind runes. I soon realised this was a problem lots of experienced players encountered. Don't even get me started on members getting bombarded by f2p's (I'm a f2p and I don't go crazy if I see someone wearing full shade!). Let's say there is a level 108 called Bob. Bob has level 50 in his respect skill. Bob is encountered by a level 15 trying to buy his rune trimmed for an entire 3k! Bob gets tired of the abuse and decides to put into play his respect skill. And just like that, the level 15 is unable to talk to him, in fact Bob could have made it even more embarrassing by making the level 15 not even able to see him. Thus, the respect skill could make experienced players enjoy playing without the nag of, for want of a better word, 'noobs'. It wouldn't have to be used, it would just be there in case you wanted it. Things like party hats and money could be registered for XP, without losing them of course. A few things to clear up before you post back: I am free to play! I am not trying to cause embarressment I have no problem with new players, unless they annoy me I am not high level at all - Level 33 in fact! Please post back with your honest opinions. Hopefully you will like this idea.
  6. A have a few ideas that I think people would like if they were used on Runescape. 1. Riding Skill: The higher the level, the faster you go on your horse. Get it high enough and you can ride a dragon! 2. Notebooks: You can write in them and read your notes (I would find this useful 'cos I always forget where rune altars are!) 3. The Sea: Why not be able to command ships? 4. Improved graphics: They are good already, but they could be a little more realistic. 5. More F2P skills! (I won't care when I'm a member though...) Post back with your comments please. Merry Christmas!
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