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  1. Boris5000


  2. Boris5000


    I don't have Instagram. #RemoveSilverhawkBootsFromRS #RSOF Make a TikTok account instead
  3. Boris5000


    Good now remember don't touch her elbows until the 3rd date. I think that's right.
  4. Boris5000


    Why are there 361 guests on? EDIT: I know they are just searching for profiles that they might be able to recover or something like that.
  5. Boris5000


    Right, so you value yourself but you don't show it outwardly (to avoid coming across as a someone unpleasant) so people don't value you - in turn you make a post; perhaps rightfully so detailing your frustrations and current circumstances with a tldr: "Why don't people value me?". Re: Re: About the portfolio. :shrug: I didn't say show your portfolio to a HR goon. HR goons are HR goons - if anything they probably filter out your CV because you might be missing a single qualification or you didn't write the word HTML on it. What I was trying to say is that where a portfolio is required - people need to see it. If, genuinely, no one looks at a portfolio then why is the #1 piece of advice on r/learnprogramming "Do small projects to build your portfolio". No employer is going to look over your CV and go "Hmm, Veiva's provided a link to their website, I'll just go and visit it and see what they are about". I don't particularly care for your CV nor how it is laid out but if it's "See xyz.com for all my projects" that's likely the wrong way to do it and listing relevant/all projects you have worked on in your CV for each job will atleast allow you to hit more keywords for HR to "weigh" your CV and give the interviewer more of an idea about you. Apparently you are already shit-hot at things so I probably didn't need to write any of this.
  6. Boris5000


    This will probably make me sound like an ass but here we go. I am not meaning to offend. You need to value yourself before you can honestly expect others to value you. I understand that it is a vicious circle as it appears that no one values you after all the effort your put into your work and side-projects. But you demonstrate that you don't value yourself as you accepted a shit-waged job for what? Experience? Exposure? If you know an IM/programmer gets paid $x why work for significantly less unless you are literally only working one day a week. If you think you are a cut above the rest in value then you need to make that known. Whilst you think no one looks at your portfolio - make them look at it, show them it in person and have them engage with it "Wow, that looks interesting". You don't see rappers on the streets saying "Here is a link soundcloud" they hand out CDs with their shit on it (Tbh they probably do now hand out links to their soundcloud). Apologies if I am in fact an ass.
  7. Boris5000


    Hah look at this northern hemisphere [bleep]! Cant get his letters the right way around LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  8. Boris5000


    Youtube HD Video - This video will cause high CPU usage, to view the video in a lower quality, please click . Some of the finest propaganda
  9. Boris5000


    I know they are disgusting but they are still human beings... from western australia
  10. Boris5000


    TFW the only 3 australians that are still on this forum are from NSW. Unless goon is secretly a sandgroper.
  11. Boris5000


    I bought a switch to celebrate me handing in my PhD thesis. Woo yay me.
  12. Boris5000


  13. Boris5000


    Your summer? MY winter? Nah bro go when it's shit hot.
  14. Boris5000


    I am actually concerned I am going to miss goon when TIF goes down.
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