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  1. Love it Going whistler for 3 months from january the 30th :shock: And rizla is going to come with me? :thumbsup:
  2. Awww has someone been playing a little too much need for speed underground? Don't kid yourself mate... "real street racers have tint" Real street racers don't exist in they way you portray them, people who race on streets are soley based on engines you will never seen a body kit or sound system on a proper race car... I'm sure you'll mature when you're older, as do most people go through a rice phase. But don't kid yourself you WILL not own the car you posted, you will try to attempt to and end up making it into pure awful rice car.
  3. You're 16 and you have a firebird? Hope you like death! :thumbsup:
  4. Ummm care to explain how JIT works in a queueing situation? :uhh: JIT is about stock ordering... Theme park queues are about what ride is in most demand... you can't make people go to a ride they don't want to because it's got an empty queue...
  5. Firstly I don't understand how you first say you only went on 3 rides in 6 hours? Then secondly you went on oblivian 6 times in 1 day? I recently stayed in the alton towers hotel with 8 friends, we managed to do pretty much every ride at least once, air and nemesis 5 times each other the 2 days, not very long queues max 45mins for oblivian and rest sub 40mins. You were obviously going at a time when schools have just broken up for holiday so what did you expect...?
  6. Probably not the most, but my business studies teacher. Multimillionaire. Like $30+ million net worth I'd say. Yet she teachs in a average public school, by far the best hardest working and most enthusiastic teacher I've ever had. Took me in 2 years from a B student to getting 100% on exams. Extremely generous and light hearted too. Still won't let me drive her aston martin db9 :(
  7. So i'll double post all I want thank you The post weren't related so I didn't need to go in same post, you're not a mod stop trying to act like one.
  8. Again I've been at tip.it since late 2001.
  9. Cheering really loudly? Penguin dives? You'd be more laughed off if you thought that'd be hooligan like... Oh and america doesn't dominate anything apart from athletics and american football these days. Canada/sweden take hockey Japan takes baseball these days And basketball american olympic team has got nothing recently.
  10. Look how far technology has come since 1980 and I don't mean commercial side, the proper technological experiments that some nations and companies are doing must be outstanding.
  11. Exactly, my friends spent 20 days playing time on a druid to get to level 60 only to learn that all he's going to do is sit there and heal, I spent 10 days playing time leveling my paladin upto 45 to only learn how boring their end game is. End game is the biggest part of the game. 1-60 will take 20 ish playing time days. Some level 60's have 120 days playing time.
  12. Don't double post in 2 minutes? :? Who are you? Just BUY the damn game don't sit here asking every single question that can be answered in 15 minutes of playing. Apart from the games being MMORPGS there are extremely little similarities between RS and WoW Oh and fine at people who say feral druid is fine. I've been in 5 big guilds, I've done every instance apart from AQ killed Nef, and not a single time ever has the guild let feral druids in, they are average DPS average tank and great healers when heal spec. No guild will want to take feral druid as cat when they can take a rogue and no one will take a bear when they can take a warrior.
  13. Should be 2-1 or 1-1 to japan and tim cahill sent off :lol: But hey what ya gonna do.
  14. Wow imagine having to wake up from nightmares and find you're still a childish obnoxious [puncture] No wonder you sleep so much it seems, it must be great to dream about not being yourself. Sorry about the frog mate but hey you had 7x as long with him as most owners do so count yourself lucky, pet deaths are always hardest, maybe even more than non immediate family.
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