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  1. Stop having a life pls

  2. The girl to the left is my girlfriend of 4 years, the girl to the right is her best friend. I think i made the right choice :)

  3. Brooo did you die or something? :(

  4. Yus, it's great. I had a good laugh <3 (at the song choice, not you singing!) <33

  5. I just realised, i am 18 days older than you :D. Yes, i'm stalking your profile, and yes, you probably won't see this for another year, :(. Log on and give us all another surprise already, was wonderful last time :D

  6. I now feel like a loser. Fml.

  7. You're 21 soon :D

  8. Choc chip ice cream puts ice cream AND CHOCOLATE together.

    brb egasming.


  10. Youuu better be back in less than a year! I miss you :(, hurry up and come back and get some better interwebz silly :(

  11. Happy birthday for next year! I'm the first one that said it, where's my cookie?

  12. Active Posts: 7 (0.02 per day)

    Stop flooding the forums with your uselses posts.

  13. Tim, you spam too much. You sir, are an adopted ferret.

  14. Stalk me less 4 cookies

  15. Ew y so spill vanilla yoghurt on ma page :(

  16. Y u droolin on ma profile?

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