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  1. psychodude98


    I neeed something that matches this criteron A wish one would have that is 7words and starts with these letters I W I W G O W L I seriously need this! Don't joke!
  2. Not only would I be a mod, I would specificly look for rule breakers and autoers =D
  3. Yes, I am wondering: Is the only way to get ess pouches killing monstersi n the abyss, or is there another way? Thanks in advance
  4. If I'm Nature Rune crafting, and I am completly focused, 250k an hour.
  5. I, personaly, am a member. But 5 things I would like to see in the f2p version are: 1. The ability to make Chaos runes - this would lower the price of chaos runes, affecting me greatly, being as I mostly train with the Firebolt spell 2. More Bank Space - I just think it's fair for them to have it. 3. The ability to make Pure Ess at mining level 50 - I hate having to mine my own pure ess! 4. More Coal mines - poor f2pers - the only real way for them to make money now is Yews or Fishing 5. A few more big boned monsters - I always hear complaints about the lack of big bone monsters, so a few more wouldn't hurt.
  6. Why not just create a random 2 digit bank pin every time someone tries to open their bank. 2 numbers appear on the screen and one has to enter them in every time one tries to open thier bank. I don't know of macarolers can get around that =D
  7. I think gambling is good, just a lesser "intense" form of it, like a lottery. However, the winner of the lottery only gets 80% of a pot. So for example, say 100k of lottery tickets were sold, the winner would only get 80k, thus taking 20k out of the economy. I still haven't worked out the detials, but I think it's a somewhat solid idea. After all, buying a cheap lottery ticket(I like to call htem "scrachers") Is not nearly as bad as going into a casino and playing blackjack.
  8. Mage is more fun and usefull. I mean, ranging you just fire arrows. Mageing you can attack, teleport, alch, ect. However, the higher level spells require chaos, death and blood runes. And they're not cheap.
  9. Well folks, we have three choices Warrior(attack) Mage(Magic) Ranger(Ranged) At first, I thought a warrior was best, but then I realized that you had to be next to your enemy to attack him, and it took an ungodly long time to level up, being as you could only get exp if you hit your enemy and he takes damage. Right now i'm training to be a mage. You level up really quick, and there are so many usefull noncombat mage spells(alchamy, teleport, ect) The only problem is it is highly expenisve or time consuming to make runes such as chaos and nature. It isn't that big a problem for me, being as i'm level 43(almost 44) runecraft. So what are your opinons?
  10. I'll make the same offer to you I made to Lim(since he seems unintersted in my offer). However, I would be loseing a lot of money if I were to do it for free. Now, I make 4 air runes an essence, but when you give me the ess, you're going have to pay me like I make 3 runes per essence. Example: I can make 1000 air runes with 250 ess. So I don't take any losses in time and money, you'll have to pay me 333 ess. That is, if you want ot take my deal.
  11. I like it. The week delay would increase greatly the value of chaos, nature, and law runes.
  12. I didn't say you are not in a bad situation. You're in a horrible situation. However, you need to do something. You say that you can make 2.3m air runes out of 372k ess? 2.3m air runes x 15gp each = 34,500,000gp, 11,500,000xp(if you do it all yourself), enough to get to level97 runecraft, even if you have no runecraft experience to start. A huge profit. I achknowlege that it will take time to make all those runes, and i'm even willing to help you for free(if you trust me enough, I really need the exp). Edit: I currently have 2k airs and I make 4 airs / ess. This means, that if you want, I will give you the 2k airs for 500 of your ess. I'll prob have more air runes tomorrow.
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