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  1. I received a Blue Dragonhide (g) top on my clue scroll. :)
  2. Hi Luke. While I don't play anywhere near as much as I used to, a number of my friends hang out in my friends chat channel ("Blyaunte"). They are a friendly and knowledgeable bunch and are quite open and welcoming to newcomers within the clan chat. It's not a "clan" but there's usually 10+ people in the chat most evenings. I'm usually on most evenings between 5:00 PM and 8:00 PM EST. The usual suspects (Marux, Juan, Jarex, Mosie, Takoda and Fluffy) arrive in the chat by 9:00 PM EST. I only have two rules: 1. No personal information asked or given (i.e. don't use the chat to exchange IRL information such as phone numbers, real names, etc.); and (b) No drama. You're welcome to join in and participate. If you have questions or need information about the game, they are always willing to provide help. Best to you, Bly
  3. Frankly, it is doubtful that anything will ever bring another influx of players as Miniclips did over a decade ago. Sadly, the medium of MORPG's has been dying slowly but surely. I, for one, would love to see a much needed influx of "new" players to the game, as I feel that it has become way too top-heavy now. Unfortunately, the likelihood of that occurring again is long gone, I am afraid. Nonetheless, a mobile app may bring a lot of former players, who haven't the time to dedicate portions of their busy daily lives, back to the game -- if anything -- just for the pure novelty of it, and maybe to allow themselves to afk those grinding skills, such as fishing, mining or woodcutting. If so, it might even lure them back to the regular game ...
  4. Always interesting to catch someone unawares ... :lol:
  5. On the whole, I think fairly highly of Jagex. Which is not to say that I have criticisms of them and their tactics, but it is to say that I think they’ve made a good game, and I think they monitor it fairly well. That said, I think the days of PMods and Forum Mods are numbered, and they should be slowly removed from the game. There simply isn’t the player-base in the game anymore. Furthermore, there is a lot more electronic supervision being conducted in-game, and everyone now has the ability to report other people for general rule breaking and what-not. That said, I can honestly say that I have not seen a bot in ages. Mind you, I’ve seen a few people account-sharing, but I figure Jagex will nail those losers soon enough. :rolleyes:
  6. This. In a nutshell. The computer gaming world is a lot different now -- and all the MMORPG's have taken hits and lost a lot of of their player base. It's far more appealing for people to play fast-action player ready PVP console games than to go on the computer and play Runescape. :P
  7. It's very easy to get a high approval rating when your only options are "yes" and "don't vote", and you're only told that after voting. Sheesh - you make it sound like they "fixed" it or something ... :rolleyes:
  8. I am merely pointing out that if they want survival rates to improve, then merely pay the farmer. For that matter, grow your own coconuts first. THEN pay the farmer ... :rolleyes:
  9. Um - where were you when the Wilderness/Free Trade Poll was made? :unsure:
  10. Next time, pay the farmer to mind the patch for you ...
  11. EoC didn’t break Runescape. The game was already broken. After years of players screaming about the broken combat triangle, Jagex made an honest attempt at fixing it. The problem was that, when they put the EoC into beta, the poo-flinging-player-base decided that they’d rather trade phats and Nex Armour than actually play-test it. Crazy, I know, but there it is ... Ultimately, Jagex reached the threshold of either dumping EoC -- despite it being relatively untested -- and throwing it away together with the time and money spent on it -- or putting EoC into effect. They chose the latter. Those of us who took the time to learn EoC have thrived. Those people who didn’t are screaming that the game is broken.
  12. Oh you beat me, damn you! Araxxor... Is that like a slight at 'eraser'? It's arachnid modified to sound ~fierce~ and ~scary~*rawr* =^.^= We're going to need a bigger can of RAID ...
  13. This poll appears to corroborate a number of insights and issues that I have had, and continue to have, with the whole “power to the players” idea – and this includes the original poll to “bring back” free-trade and the wilderness. As a regular on the role-playing server (World 42), I am often struck by how much the role-players add to my gaming experience and how much more enjoyable it is for me as a result. Although I am not a role-player myself – as I am simply not that creative -- these people do really “live” the game, and they help provide me with a very entertaining backdrop to my daily gameplay. That said, I have encountered a number of players who openly express a complete disinterest in the lore, and the game’s numerous storylines – including the vast majority of quests – and I have even seen them on W42 openly expressing such disinterest. Although why such people with such an attitude would play on W42, entirely escapes me … :huh: Nonetheless, this appears, once again, to be another of those instances in which the “overwhelming majority” of players demonstrate that they care little about the game – i.e. the “state of the game”, or “the quality of game” – and would much rather just “play the game”. This is not a criticism of those who just want to “play the game”, nor is it any reflection on those, like myself, who actually care about the back story and lore, and enjoy the atmosphere it adds to their gaming experience. Sadly though, I have come to the realization that, not only am I in the minority – I am in the “overwhelmed minority” … <_<
  14. IMO, Lore Books are essential to game play. I am hoping that this poll is merely aimed at determining how much effort they put into them, as opposed to not making any more of them at all.
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