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  1. D square is a good option, only about 300k now. Just carry more brews and restores in the terror bird (3:1 ratio brews to restores). edit: PS you won't have any trouble finding a team at maxxed melees even if you are taking a terrorbird. With a terrorbird and those stats you could easily stay for 6 kills just as a duo.
  2. I assume that the damage that "can be deflected back" is the potential damage of that strike were you not being protected.. As you say bedman, otherwuise there's not much point in using the deflect prayer rather than protect from prayer in PvM since it's 100% protection (I know there are cases where this isn't true e.g. verac, but in general this is the case). I would therefore assume that if as an example you were deflecting melee against a steel dragon, that periodically you would deflect back some damage to your foe, irrespective of the fact that it can not do any melee damage to you. If it didn't work per my example above, then it would effectively mean that for non-PvP it's just a protection prayer. Haven't tested any of this as I'm not in game at the moment, so all of the above is just assumption. It would be interesting to see the results from people who are using the prayers.
  3. Aha, finally someone fully reads the thing. Saw other people drooling on combined saps+ leeches + deflects + turmoil or whatever, not gonna happen... Anyway, is this altar easily reachable? Seems annoying that you have to drink ppots all the time when you are on that spell (going on a normal altar like at your house would reset you to normal prayers). I've fully read the whole thing, and nowhere does it state whether the sap or leech prayers work in PvM, the only comment is that the deflect prayers work in the same way as normal protect and are therefore 100% effective in PvM but only 60% effective in PvP. I assume that DarkDude has actually gone and tested whether the new prayers have any effect in PvM... No surprise that they don't though.
  4. If the sap and leech prayers are effective against NPCs this is an awesome update and will have a huge influence on high-level monster slaying and boss hunting. If they only work in PvP I'm sure the PK community will enjoy them, equally I suspect that they will find something to complain about.. :rolleyes: It will also be interesting to see how high d bones and p pots rise now..
  5. How about, "Thanks for all that information, would you be able to give me a rough indication of xp/h?" It varies depending on your level and how quickly you can craft/bank.
  6. Wow you remember Wet Paint =) S'ok like i said, just jotted it down as I had the tune in my head and thought I'd share..
  7. Fact checked for you. That was painfully forced and made no sense whatsoever, and not in the amusing way. Not to mention potholes and inconsistencies literally from one line to the next. sheesh, tough crowd :) FWIW, I read da_latios' original post so had the tune in my head with RS references, and just expanded from there; I pretty much typed it as I was thinking it, and to be honest expected it to drift off the front page fairly quickly as there wasn't an awful lot of discussion value - hence the note to mods.. Seems I was wrong though! So to clarify your points Omali: 1. Doesn't rhyme Well actually it's an example of an omoioteleton, or imperfect rhyme, whereby the word doesn't naturally rhyme but can be pronounced to do so, this style of rhyming is used a lot in all forms of music. Obviously I didn't do all this analysis prior to jotting it down as I thought it, but sufficed to say, if you extend the final "a" in the "ania" ending, it can be pronounced to form an imperfect rhyme with "there"... All of which is a bit difficult to convey through the medium of a message board. 2. It's "chillin out, maxin, relaxin, all cool And you think my words don't make sense? I've just done a quick search and it seems there is some disagreement as I've seen both the lyrics that you suggest and the ones that I used.. Not sure what the official version is, and there's possibly a difference between the UK and US versions, but I'm honestly not going to delve into it all, if you want you're welcome! 3. No dragons by pools I was referring to the lava pools in the members dungeon, but the additional 2 syllables of la-va just didn't flow (excuse the pun). 4. Why would Zamorak get scared and then tell you to help people in Miscellania? Poetic license; he probably wouldn't, but hey who knows what goes on in the mind of these Deities, maybe he was scared since I owned his demons without food, and sent me off to do good deeds in Miscellani-rare to keep me away, or maybe he was scared of a backlash from Saradomin. 5. Didn't you just say you walked? Well yah, but I walked from the Lyre tele spot to the dock in Rellekka, where I was forced to catch the boat since even with Zamorak's banishment I was sadly not blessed with the ability to walk on water (I believe Jagex fixed that bug).. So yep, definitely a bit forced, certainly not comic gold and requiring some poetic license for the Zamorak line. On the other hand, it was written in 5 mins to provide mild entertainment on an otherwise slow day; so if you enjoyed it great I'm glad, if you didn't no biggie. If you went into in depth analysis as to it's merit as artistic prose, I can only assume that you're as bored as I was when I wrote it :D
  8. Nice levels in: Agility RC Mining Hunter Room for improvement: Slayer Prayer Summoning Herby If you focus on slayer that should help a lot in leveling the other 3. Depending on the tasks, there are great herb droppers (abberrant specs), dragons for the bones, also decent drops for cash for bones, and of course charms for summon. As an added bonus you'll also be levelling your combat too.
  9. Gratz nice levels. On your question about chins, I'm not sure exactly how many I used but I recently went from 86-99 range and spent 45m doing so - including the cost of prayer pots. Doesn't directly answer your question but thought it might help :)
  10. Gratz Socks, seen you around TIF for quite a few years now. Great achievement.
  11. Inspired by Da_Latios' post here I thought I'd expand on the theme... (Mods, if this is the wrong place please move it, I couldn't really see anywhere appropriate to post) Now this is a story all about how My Runescape life goes round and round Now Id like to take a minute, just sit right there Tell you how I became the King of Miscellania In west Asgarnia born and raised, Well the dungeon is where I spent most of my days Chillin out max and relaxing all cool And shooting some dragons down by the pool When a couple of demons, they were up to no good Started making trouble and I was low on food I got in one little fight and Zamorak got scared Said youll have to help the folks up in Miscellania Well I played on my lyre to get kinda near But with no other teles I had to walk from here If anything I can say that walking is rare But I thought 'Now forget it' on to Miscellania I got off of the boat about 7 or 8 And I yelled to the sailor 'Yo homes smell ya later' I looked at my kingdom I was finally there To sit on my throne as King of Miscellania
  12. :-o Intense! lol never considered doing something else whilst running to the altar!
  13. Having spent some time thinking about this, the RC update doesn't actually make a lot of sense in the context that Jagex announced it... "New magic update, therefore you'll need more runes, therefore we've made multiple runes more easily obtainable" The new spells use Death and Blood runes (neither of which can be crafted in multiples at any RC level) and elemental runes. The only runes that the RC update affects therefore are the elemental runes; the source for elemental runes is generally: F2P runecrafters or monster drops, very few P2P runecrafters will craft elemental runes as the profit is better crafting 1 nat per ess, than 2 fires or even 3 waters. The only runes that are crafted in multiples that are worth it are: Chaos (barely), cosmics, astrals and nats. None of which are relevant to the new mage update. All the RC update has done is take the gloss off of attaining lvl 82 and of course 91. Had they made deaths and/or bloods craftable in multiples at say 95 and 99 RC then that would have been a much more relevant update, and indeed provide a further high level update to another skill (something that Jagex have stated they are focusing on).
  14. I can't see where the OP misused those words? The first use on this thread was in the post made by Jeda, however, if it's a cross-thread quote of the OP or if my comments were elaborating the point that Jeda was trying to make, then apologies to Jeda, I agree with him/her (though quote tags might have helped if this is the case!). My comments still stand against whomever posted the initial definition, and it would be shame to waste the duck analogy :) It's not a mis-use, its an acceptance of different meanings. Over time words grow, you'd be foolish to assume the initial definition is now the only definition. Fully agree with what you're saying Elucin8r, and if that's the point that Jeda was trying to get across, then applying your sentence above and stating that the cases he/she was using were examples would have made that point very well. Posting random words with a single definition very much left the post open to interpretation!
  15. I can't see where the OP misused those words? The first use on this thread was in the post made by Jeda, however, if it's a cross-thread quote of the OP or if my comments were elaborating the point that Jeda was trying to make, then apologies to Jeda, I agree with him/her (though quote tags might have helped if this is the case!). My comments still stand against whomever posted the initial definition, and it would be shame to waste the duck analogy :)
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