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  1. Ive had pretty much all my good drops with wealth on but it dosent mean to say i wouldnt have gotten them without it so who knows
  2. does look like the current graphics zoomed in to me and also the godsword is being held in one hand like when u go in f2p if it was an official screenie surely they would have it being held correctly
  3. i would say between 1900-2000 total,thats when im planning to get 126 anyway
  4. thanks for replies :) i am hoping to raise mage and def a bit il be doing alot of barrows to get cash back so that should help
  5. Well its been a lot of work and huge cash drain(pretty much cleaned my bank) but hey i love the cape :lol: next goal is 1900 total and hopefully make some cash back along the way too
  6. I would have to say the mining animation,i have always found mining to be quite tedious anyway but now its ten times worse
  7. 99 prayer (95 now) 1900 total (1840 now) and to do any new quests that come out to keep my quest cape.
  8. Great story nice to see someone getting back at these lurers :D and i certainly wouldnt feel bad about making him lose his fire cape im sure hel get that back quicker than you could have made the cash to by another santa
  9. thanks :) i dont pk or stake so my melee stats dont really matter but i do lots of barrows and kq which is where high prayer comes in very handy sorry i wasnt aware it was a competition :roll:
  10. thanks :D at the moment im just buying one level at a time incase the bones drop back down but i have enough cash for 97 maybe even 98 then il have to do a bit of skillin or something for 99
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