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  1. Old thread is old.


    I think I have around 3600. Not an improvement from when I originally posted in this thread (2080GS in August 2008) :(


    I was randomly looking at my friend's friend list with my friend (too many friends o_O), and we came across this guy with over 400 games (yes we counted). I don't remember what his gamerscore is, I'll try to find him again.




    Found him.







    No, he didn't.


    Rock guitarist Eddie Van Halen, lead guitarist of hard rock band Van Halen, was then drafted in to add a guitar solo. Upon being telephoned by Jones, requesting that the guitarist participate on the track, Van Halen thought he was receiving a prank call. Having established that the call was genuine, Van Halen recorded his guitar solo free of any charge.


    He's free.

  3. Haha, great idea about blasting music. One just called my house, and it sounded like the guy was like 18-20 years old. Probably a college student. Anyway, I blasted some All That Remains into the phone, and he complained about how I was making him listen to little girls screaming. Then I changed to Protest the Hero and he asked if it was AFI, because apparently AFI is little girls singing, not screaming.




    Hopefully he'll call back. Now that I know it isn't some 50 year old loser, this could be fun.

  4. Today was my last day of school, and I remembered that I had to pay $70 for a new textbook that I lost at the beginning of the year. I convinced my teacher to let me find a used one, and I got it off eBay for $1.49 + $3.99 shipping :o

  5. Anyone who makes ANY sort of joke regarding this WILL be receiving a temporary ban.




    Very shocking and sad news indeed, R.I.P Michael




    Why is it that we can't make a joke about MJ but we can make jokes on any of the other obituary threads in the past? One or the other man.


    Because a joke in this thread could turn into a 10-page flame war. In minutes.

  6. Today was the second day of exams (first was on Friday), and it was pretty easy. I wrote like 8 pages (this was for English), and I think I did pretty well.




    Of course now that the next three days is exams (and they get harder as the week goes by), I'm getting sick. I have a headache and I'm extremely tired even though I just slept for 3 hours in the middle of the day. I hate feeling like [cabbage] #-o

  7. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the garage part yet. Here we go.




    Boohoo. You have TWO go-karts in your own garage, and your angry that your fathers girlfriend wants to park her car in there, apparently stopping you from getting a DUNE BUGGY? What the [bleep] is your problem, man? You seriously need to grow up and stop being a spoiled [bleep] or you're going to HATE the rest of your life.




    Now, I'll try to help you. You don't really need a garage to store a dune buggy. My family has an ATV and a go-kart and we store them outside. You just buy a cover for them, they don't get damaged unless you live in some ridiculous climate zone.

  8. I have two scenarios.




    1) You're home alone on a Friday night, and it's pitch black outside and pouring extremely hard. You look out the window into the darkness, and right as the lightning flashes you see someone in your backyard just looking up at your window. But you only see it for a split second because the lightning was the only light source.




    2) You're coming home from whatever late at night, again it's pitch black and nobody is at your house. You look up at your house (you can kind of see it from your headlights). Then all of a sudden you see a light turn on in a room in the corner of the house, and a silhouette of a person walks in front of the window, and they seem to be looking right at you.

  9. I went to GameStop because they were have a buy 2 used games, get 1 free deal. I picked up:


    - Left 4 Dead ($45)


    - Call of Duty 4 ($45)


    - Prince of Persia (Free)




    Prince of Persia is the hidden gem. I love it. I also really loved The Two Thrones, so hopefully this one will be good enough to play through the whole thing ::'




    I really suck at CoD and L4D, though.

  10. I remember another one.


    This was a while ago. The dream started off in my house, and I was talking to my mom about how I wanted to die. So she was like, "yeah whatever" and brought me to this hospital type thing. She told the guy at the desk I wanted to die, and he brought us to this cubicle thing, where I sat next to this fat guy who I shared my life story with. Then my mom injected me with something, and I died. I then turned into a ghost, and started walking around the room. The only person who could talk to me / knew I was there was the guy at the desk. I soon figured out whoever was holding a purple gameboy color could talk to me. I tried to get my mom to hold it, and eventually somehow I was able to talk to her (even though she wasn't holding the gameboy). I told her I didn't want to be dead anymore, so she took out the injection and we went home.




    Weird, huh?

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