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  1. Ah ok. I guess I should have drawn that conclusion from all the C&H Firefly themed stuff.

    The Shepherd, right?

    I actually only watched the entire series this year and loved it, but unfortunately I tried my hardest to shut everything from it out of my mind because I knew there would be no more to come and that desire for continuation would butcher me.

  2. Back to the Blargh :s


    I've been meaning to say this for a long time and resisted for the most part, but that hat was too much.

  4. Do you still memorize Pi? I'm working on getting from 130 to 762 and would like some suggestions on getting there.

  5. Excellent choice. I watched a bit of the older stuff like Hello Baby and some of WGM with Seo, but I mainly stuck for the videos + catchy songs.

    Not exactly crazy about TTS though. I think the last song they came out with that I really enjoyed was probably Mr. Taxi.

  6. Germany, eh? o_O I wish I could visit Europe. Or at the very least leave North America for once in my life.

    I'm still in the thick of exams, which don't finish until the 22nd D:

  7. Hello. The board told me that you had no comments yet and that I should say hello.

  8. Heyo. How are the holidays shaping up for you?

  9. I blame inconvenient clashing of time zones for us never getting a LoL game together :/

  10. I see you play League

  11. I try



  12. I was honestly expecting a giant battle with all of the war assets that I had acquired. I wanted something close to the "Take Earth Back" trailer where you charge across the landscape scraping back parts of the planet bit by bit along side an army of enraged Krogran while riding on an elcor.

    Nope D:

  13. I've also seen just plain Members. Perhaps this + means I'm more specialer than the average forumer :D

  14. I've also seen people with fewer posts than I who have it. That in itself doesn't say anything much, but I've also seen those between our post counts without the +.

    I demand to feel special :D

  15. Just over a week ago

  16. Mejakallu or Muxk. Both are 30.

  17. Mhm, did you draw it?

  18. My page is lonely. ~LeAvE a CoMmEnT~

  19. Nope. Asian though.

  20. SONE since around Genie's release

  21. Well at least RCing is reasonable now with RuneSpan

  22. Were you also just as disappointed with the ME3 ending as everyone else?

  23. What are these lectures that you speak of?

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