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  1. Noob come back

  2. aw guys thank you! I quit RS and I forgot my TIF password so I haven't been online in ages, but it feels great to see that you guys haven't forgotten about me! I should login sometime soon and chat up on you guys. Cheers!

  3. Happy birthday! :D

    (Where are you? :(])

  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you'd have decent security measures on your account you would never get into this kind of trouble, and it is still very much my opinion that if you do get hacked it is your own fault for not sufficiently protecting your account against it, and thus it should be you responsible for any items stolen/lost. After all, if Jagex would start to give items back now simply because the person in question lost a 1000 Santa Hats, what would stop me from asking Jagex to return the 500K I lost when I got hacked?
  5. End of an Era? Seriously? I mean, Woox16 was obviously one of the bigger players out there, but to call him quitting the end of an era.. he was the pioneer when it came to soloing corp, sure, but to say that he made any impact whatsoever on the game.. As said before, players like Zarfot (in my opinion the catalyst of the whole efficiency era that holds RS in its grip now) are players that have actually had an impact on the way we play RS. Nevertheless, it's a shame that he quit, sure, but you're kind of exaggerating here..
  6. ;_; backhanded compliments ftw? <3: Dj where have you been?! Thanks for visiting! Meol. <3: <3: <3: I quit Dj, just couldn't find motivation to play him anymore :( but then without RS I started getting bored after like a month, am now casually playing on my noob (City Heat) so feel free to add me again :) <3: :thumbup:
  7. whoa serpy i don't check on you for a while and you're almost past noobiness! good job buddy :)
  8. http://www.youtube.com/user/EdubHipHop#p/u/14/9u9cBcM-Zrc just heard this guy for the first time a few days ago, really like his style!
  9. Mumford & Sons' entire album, Winter Winds is playing atm :thumbup:
  10. How can you coinshare when there's no standard price for an item in the GE?
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