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  1. Been a while, hope all is well there, happy new year :P

  2. Thank you, and always been glad to have been part of this community, good times

  3. Heya Tripsis thanks for the bday wishes! Life is going great these days, always nice to check out the forums from time to time, looks like things going well for ya too

  4. Happy new year Laila, hope all the best in RL :P

  5. Something different is on the horizon

  6. Hi thank you for bday wishes, keep up the cool art :)

  7. Thank you sir, epic win wtf avatar.

  8. Heya thanks for the bday wishes :P

  9. Hello how goes it there?

  10. Hey thanks Val :) Hope you had fun with yours too :P

  11. Ah good times, I'm not very active on forums but the new mods seem to be covering the job pretty well lol

  12. Not whole lot going on this summer.. work, hopefully more art, and vacation with family. And RS :o

  13. Gratz on the red there Laila, hope you enjoy the coming summer :)

  14. Red suits your sig/ava combo :P Gratz and hope all is going well there

  15. Been a while, all is well here :) staying busy as usual, how goes you?

  16. Nice sig, must be nice when winter snow hits over there :P

  17. Well was nice to see ya this weekend :) Glad to hear you're having fun out there too, taken any new pictures lately?

  18. Hi there, been a long time, hope you enjoyed April Fools lol :P

  19. KBD sounds fun indeed, hope we do meet up this weekend.. or the next, been too long since we hanged out :) Glad all is well there tho.

    Enjoy your Saturday.. Borkial? :P

  20. Hi there, definetely gonna enjoy this 3 day weekend holiday with family. :) Besides that, not much else going on.

    Different time zones ftl, maybe i'll catch ya ingame sometime this weekend :P

    Always happy you enjoy my art Laila, hope to post some more soon.

  21. Hiya! Thanks, happy easter to ya :P

    All's well here, staying busy irl, hoping to post some more new art again soon. How's you been all this time?

  22. Hello, happy birthday :P

  23. Hello there Arnie :P

  24. Ah missed your bday, well Happy Birthday Shey :) Been a while, how goes life?

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