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  1. I never work with computer programs to draw, all pencil by hand, I'm halfway done with the final version, and it will blow this measly sketch away.
  2. Don't worry, lol, this version is just a sketch in which I erase almost all lines and then draw the real deal. Thanks for comments.
  3. The hummer, an OFF ROADING machine?? Since when has the hummer ever been an off roading car??
  4. Here is a scanned pic of my pencil drawing of a Deinonychus. I don't copy of anything except what I have built over the years in my mind. I am aware the head is slightly larger compared to the body but when you try to draw dinosaurs big, the curves make it very hard to stay proportionate and in the same shape. I'm refining this drawing and will post the finished work here soon, tomorrow hopefully. :) Comments are always welcome, thanks! Enjoy! EDIT: Here is the final completed version, the one above is just the basic sketch. What do you think now?
  5. Last time was 7 years ago 8) I'm on a roll.
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