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  1. calcarb[/color]' timestamp='1324458613']

    Parents just don't pay attention. We do try hard though, but we have so much other stuff going on in our heads like: what are we going to make for your dinner and do you have enough clean socks to take with you on your trip and I wonder how he is going to get there, do I have to drive him AGAIN?



    You should make me lasagna for dinner, I don't have enough socks for the trip and need you to do laundry, and yes you have to drive me.


    But seriously... dem parents XD


    Also love bow broken quotes are.

  2. ForsakenMage[/color]' timestamp='1323906085']
    Huzza~! It's back! =DNow when's part V ;)
    Whenever my parents do/say something silly again. :P I was actually getting worried because for a while it was quiet on that front. O_O'
    Watch. You'll go a month without posting one then you'll post 10 in a week.
    Seriously. :| But with the upcoming holidays, I think there will be plenty of derps ahead to share. :PBtw, are you using the reply button or just copying & pasting? Because the codes are all fudged up. XD



    As weird as the codes are, the Reply button is actually working for me o.O


    EDIT: Just broke it.

  3. Snow is by FAR worse IMO. Rain is annoying as heck, but after it hits the ground it (atleast most of it) disappears. Snow sits there. And turns slowly into ice. Which I will eventually slip on and hurt my bum.


    No, what's worse is rain AND snow. At the same time. Causes lots of slush, which then turns into ice, with basically 0 chance of melting. Also brings down power lines, as the slush gets stuck to power lines and builds up and freezes and becomes to heavy for the power lines. Snow just falls off.


    Although big epic snowstorm is worse then the spring snow and rain.


    By the way, I find snow in May perfectly natural and normal, although not enjoyable.

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