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  1. I started to read the updates, thinking to myself "really controversial updates, major rants, will probably help rs in long run..."


    Then I got to the top of the list. (Yes, I started from the bottom.)


    Rs isn't doomed cause of it... only because it doesn't kick in until january.


    3k limit? What if someone wants to buy my d scimmy 110K? Or... what about expensive items, where closest you can get is give or take 50k (ones I've dealt with)...More importantly... rares? 3k limit of so called "price" for rares?




    IF Jagex fixes all grand exchange prices by january and doesn't put it ANYTHING that severely changes price of items then with grande exchange economy wil barely survive... but what better to change prices then a skill? If summoning comes to hunter as smithing is to mining hunter items will be changed.... I doubt a 5% change will be suffice for some items. What (got this example from Queltar I think, from truthscape) happens if theres another change like making dragon axe wc power better then rune? Tripled overnight I've heard...




    Also... new items... but Jagex probably won't put a price on them untill they stop fluxuating.... I hope...




    Really worried about how this affects trading... :ohnoes:




    ...Put something like this in dual arena though, for staking? If stakers can stake mils as long as other guy puts up same amount will help fix it...




    EDIT: Won't be quitting though, quester for life, and pretty much every quest has unfinished storylines I would like to see finished.




    EDIT2: Oh yea, I don't like how dying doesn't affect you anymore... Just go back there and get stuff... But on the other hand I DO die... but if you can go back and get stuff why not just make it so you keep items when you die? I know there ARE scenarios where you would lose items but...




    And there should be 2 clan wars: A non skulled one and a skulled one.

  2. I think it's just what your used to. I usually play at 100%, but if I go down to 75%, in 5 minutes 100% looks to bright. Another 5 minutes and I'm used to 50% and 50% is perfect. Another 5 minutes and 25% is perfect....


    EDIT: Although certain herbs ARE harder to tell apart from each other at 25%, 50%... avantoe and guam leaf are virtually identical.... Oh, and monks don't look burnt. Burnt monks at 100% are darker then cooked monks at 25%.

  3. I agree with this article. There's not much I can really say 'cause the article says it all. My motto in video gaming has ALWYAS been no honour. Like the time in a shooting game where I had following missles and low health and my friend just respawned full health and bad gun... I hid behind a door and killed him :) I'm gonna be a farcast pker when I get 70 mage and 65 rc in lvl 20+ wilde and be proud wearing full ghostly and ancient staff.




    (And I wonder if any of these pkers who complain about lack of so called "honour" obey it themselves? I HIGHLY HIGHLY doubt it. They probably just haven't done ancients or slug menace)




    EIDT: Afer reading some posts, please let me summarize in one paragraph my little article/opinion on this.




    Teleports were put in the game not only to transport but to escape if your dying - otherwise they would all be like the home port spell. And Jagex put tele block/snare and no tele in 20+ wilde for a reason. Ancient magic was put into the game FOR farcasting. There is no where in the rules saying you have to bring expensive items into wilderness and stay and fight. Protect prayers are allowed in wilde and if your opponent uses them - well it can get annoying but there's not much you can do other then use d scimmy spec or use prayer yourself. There is no time limit before attacking someone - you can attack without permission or without letting them pot up. You can respawn and head back to wilderness and harass other the guy who killed you by attacking him. (Verbal harrassment = no.) All these things you CAN do but don't have to. If you want to have an honour fight then good for you - just make sure your opponent knows this and be prepared for those without honour. Most people do like their pixles more then honour. Get used to it. Stop complaining about honourless pkers - and if someone one wants to obey honour code in wilde, that's their problem. I would never use honour in wilderness but respect those who do. Not that I wouldn't attack them or use honour with them because of that. STOP FREAKING COMPLAINING WILDERNESS HAS NO RULES SO IF YOU WANT TO OR NOT OBEY HONOUR THAT'S YOUR CHOICE


    Oh and even if world 18 is a "honour" world or "dual" world, alot of guys there aren't going to obey it....


    P.S.Personally I think honour pkers should just go to dual arena, but hey there are no rules, so if they want to honour pk in wilderness they can go ahead


    P.P.S. I'm pretty sure I have selling mistakes


    P.P.P.S. As to my comment " (And I wonder if any of these pkers who complain about lack of so called "honour" obey it themselves? I HIGHLY HIGHLY doubt it. They probably just haven't done ancients or slug menace) major emphasis on the ALL part of this, as some pkers do go into wilde wanting honour and obeying it too, and actually have done desert treasure and slug menace.

  4. I think some of the probelm isn't just people being rude, but... you help a newb out when he dies. Or lend him some money or make him armor. This isn't bad the first few times, but if you say lend out money long enough you get broke... and if a person begs and gets stuff, they just beg more... Plus it IS easy to have no empathy over the internet, as you don't see them... and a good chunk of people getting hacked just need to make sure they don't pick a pass their friends can guess... and with the number of people complaining about being hacked and scammed, you just think "They should just pick a pass that people who know them won't guess"... "they just should've read the second trade windo".."everyone dies get over it"... I think people would be nicer if there wasn't so MANY people getting hacked, scammed, dying, etc.








    Small communities are better then large communites. End of story.

  5. k, here i am on a free world killing cows to get cowhides to train crafting. in full rune with zombie mask.




    Newb:why is your head green




    Me:zombie maks you get from burying bones




    Newb:oh can i have money
















    A couple hundred times later (scary part is no sarcasm - this was a few days later)




    Newb:why is your head green








    Me:what the hell are you talking about




    Newb:can i have money








    Me:I have no armor what makes you think I have money








    After another few hundred times of them asking for money I start spazzing instead and point out that everyone wants money, why are you so special. No offence newbs, I understand that they don't know why my head is green and that I'm rich to them... but MY GOD!!! I am not being sarcastic.








    Besides, I never begged much when I was a newb because I knew people don't wanna give their hard earned cash away. The only time I begged was from this guy with like 420mil.








    Offtopic, but you know in this week's article it says most newbs don't USE world map? Well I did








    EDIT:Taking off my armor and zombie mask may be rude and stuff, but the bloody noob ACTUALLY LEAVES YOU ALONE

  6. I remember stuff Id used to do to beggars... back in my f2p days in full rune and zombie mask.... They'd ask for free stuff so I take off all my rune and tell them "why are you asking me I have nothing look at me Im poor as hell" some variation on that and when they ask why my head is green I just take mask off (I used to tell them but it got annoying) and ask them just what are they talking about and if they ate shrooms for lunch. Well not the shrooms part....

  7. i really like the monster idea.... and my first thought when i read that was that jagex made a mistake. Members do not mine essence. Free players do. All this will do is increase rune prices and hurt the economy. I like the idea about the monster... or like getting 10 or 20 in every level first. This will also probably affect the price of trees (one of the best ways to make cash on free worlds) as well (those fletcher who high alch their bow will pay more for nats... so theyll pay less for trees). Jagex NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDS to make pure essence getable on free worlds in a way that doesnt need other players. Or maybe need other players like shield of arrav quest or heroes. Something else i thought of... why dont you have a botting scan right when a person tries to enter the mine??


    And i really like joe_schmoe ideas. Read his post if you want im too lazy to list his ideas.

  8. :twisted: i paid for this your my slave :twisted: i paid for this your my slave :twisted: i paid for this your my slave :twisted: i paid for this your my slave








    I love the part when hes talks about the people who get scammed because they donÃÆââââ¬Å¡Ã¬Ã¢ââ¬Å¾Ã¢t remember the basic safety rules (donÃÆââââ¬Å¡Ã¬Ã¢ââ¬Å¾Ã¢t give out your password, read the second trade screen before accepting, etc.). They get greedy so they try macroing, then complain when they get banned




    I've so seen people like that. I've seen one person, I told him something was agaisnt the rules (something like scamming) and he honestly DID NOT KNOW it was agaisnt the rules. If poeple actually read the second confirm window before ending a trade there would be probably THOUSANDS less scammers. I didn't read it once and didn't get scammed, yet I hear people who get scammed alot. JUST READ THE DAMN (I'm glad that word isn't censored here) SECOND CONFIRMATION WINDOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    Seriously, they should freaking have that as part of tutorial. Give you good items, then when you get scammed of them theres a notice that tell's you to do that. If you don't get scammed at all take away the items anyways but give them something like a random even before they leave.

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