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  1. I think one point in time the Bionicle and Star Wars series pulled Lego out of bankruptcy. I have read that one of the reasons that they ended the product line was the lore that they had created for it (which I followed). A lot of what kept the sets selling was the progression of the series lore. The problem was that people who had not been fans from the beginning or at least earlier on didn't really care about the story or want to get in to it because it was so huge and convoluted. I think that what they hope to accomplish here is to cash-grab the g1 Bionicle fans and attract a new audience with a clean slate. The only thing that the new Bionicle story has in common with the old one are the character's names, and very little else. They will not be canon to each other.


    Star Wars was definitely part of what saved Lego. Bionicle? I'm not sure. Nothing I've read mentioned bionicle playing a big part in that, just Star Wars and licensed products in general. My pure speculation on this is that bionicle didn't do a lot to attract new blood, whereas licensed products did - licensed products are taking existing fan bases and saying "hey look over here" whereas bionicle was trying create its own fanbase.


    With that said, I'm aware that I could be completely wrong, and it could very well be the case that bionicle was a large part of what kept Lego out of bankruptcy.


    Also, the more I look at the new bionicle sets, the more I like them. I still don't plan on getting them, mostly because my lego purchases then days tend to be more display pieces and not so much toys. It's one of those things that I'd happily and eagerly take as a gift, yet at the same time something I wouldn't buy for myself because I don't want it enough.


    Also, I would totally eat squid chips.

  2. People who used to play with bionicles have a lot of disposable income now


    I'm aware of this. And I'm aware of how well it works with Star Wars and big fancy $200+ 1500+ piece sets that are display pieces and not toys.


    I feel like this isn't the case, mostly because the new bionicle toys don't feel like they're aimed at that demographic. You want a decent selection of impressive looking, $100+ sets. From what I recall, there are a dozen bionicle sets ranging from $10 to $20.

  3. Well. I tend to know about these things far in advanced because on of my co-worker spends far too much time on sites that leak stuff early, leaks that he shares on the store facebook page. Then we start seeing official confidential release images. Then it's announced to the public.


    Honestly, I didn't get hyped because I thought it was gonna be crap judging by how hero factory was going. For some reason most hero factory (bionicle's spiritual successor) sets are so simple that it's hard to get creative with building different characters. From what I've seen of the new bionicle guys, you can actually creatively build different characters with it which is nice. We had them in yesterday and last time I checked there was no sign of them in our back room, only some on the shelves. We probably sold out of them today.


    Hopefully we'll get a decent supply of bionicle back in and start building displays. Having a chance to mess around with the sets should give me a more enlightened opinion. I don't wanna buy them because I'd end up buying all like 12 sets, play with them for a day then they'd collect dust.


    In other news, I've been playing a bunch of dragon age, got 30 hours in then restarted because apparently my dragon age keep stuff (aka how you get storyline options from previous games to transfer over) didn't transfer over because I missed a small step. So now I'm rushing through on novice difficulty. And my game froze.

  4. [spoiler=Muggi]

    Yeah if you're doing everything right, it's just a numbers game in the end.


    In other news, I slept with a new girl last night :D


    Scheduled a date with her via POF just like I do for every other girl (examples here)


    Met her at a Starbucks and she was really nervous (she just got out of a 7 year relationship where her BF cheated on her a lot). As soon as I met her outside, I said hi and grabbed her hand and led her inside.


    Sat down with her, I made sure to sit in a chair adjacent to her (instead of across the table from her) so I could touch her and stuff. She was really nervous at first because I'm the first guy she's seen since getting out of her relationship apparently. I tried talking about her relationship but she wasn't really comfortable with that so I just changed the subject. Got her talking about her job and boring stuff like that. Talked about all of her jewelry and tattoos (and touched them whenever I got the chance), then kept my hand on her thigh and rubbed her thigh for the rest of the date while we talked about dumb stuff.


    After like an hour I said I had to go so we got up and left. I put my arm on her lower back as I walked her to her car and she said I was welcome to text her if I wanted to. She drove away and I walked to my car, pretty sure I did everything "right" and was gonna get laid lol. Sure enough, about a half hour after I got home, I got a text from her asking me what I thought. I told her "I guess you're ok... :) What are you doing on Saturday?" Scheduled a movie night at my place for Saturday, and she ended up coming over to watch a movie we talked about during our 1st date.


    She came over, I put on the movie and turned off the lights. Put my arm around her as soon as I sat down and she cuddled up next to me. I'd rub her legs and her ass and stuff, and eventually I went for a kiss but she pulled back. I waited a while and tried again and she again resisted, saying she couldn't do it. Resistance kind of turns me off and makes me lose interest, so I pretty much just tuned her out and focused on the movie until it was over after that lol. After the movie was over, I asked her if she was ready for me to take her back to her car. She was like "ok..." so I went and grabbed my jacket. When I came back, she was like "I have a confession to make" (oh boy). "I just really wanna get laid and you're really cool..." Nice.


    Since she's very emotional and feminine, I was kind of worried that she might "agree" to have sex, and then immediately start to regret it, so I basically was like "are you absolutely sure? I don't want you to feel any pressure to do that if you don't want to." she assured me that she really wanted to, so I dragged her to my bedroom and the rest was history. zero resistance whatsoever. she was very enthusiastic :D


    anyways, afterwards, I walked her to her car but I chose to go walking around my neighborhood for about 30 minutes with her just to chat since it's relaxing. she's super extroverted and talkative, so she pretty much just talked the whole time while I just listened. she's 27 and all of her friends are married with kids, and she's upset about how things didn't work out with her ex, and how they never could have kids and settle down. I basically just gave her reassurance and made her appreciate her new-found sense of freedom and stuff. so she felt happy and relaxed by the end of our talk. I felt bad for her since I could kind of sense that she was stressed out over stuff like that. Anyways, before I dropped her off she said she wanted to see me again, so I'll shoot her a text today or tomorrow to meet up again soon. She seems like a solid friend with benefits so that means I'll just treat her as if she was a guy friend... that I have sex with >_> no romance, no spending the night. just sex and talking. but yeah, last night was a fun night :D



    So my thoughts throughout reading this was looking for when you mention to her that you're poly. My projections based off of zero real-world experience make me worried that she might start looking to you as a new long-term BF and then feel betrayed.



    Sometimes I wish I was gay or bi to treat my male friends like FWB would make life so much simpler lol. Also I'm drunk as shit right now lol.


    If you were drunk enough you could ;)

  5. Here's a tip: change requires... wait for it.. change. It sounds simple, but so many people don't understand that if you want something to change in your life, you need to change something in your life. If you want different results, you need to do something different to achieve those results. If you want different output, you need different input.


    And you need to accept failure. You need to accept that if you want to get good at something, you have to start by becoming bad at something. You won't wake up one day and find yourself a changed person. Best case scenario, one day you decide you want something badly enough to change.


    If you want to change yourself for the better, to become someone who can get a girlfriend, we will help you as best we can. If you want to have a pity party and convince yourself that life isn't fair and that you'll never get the touch of a woman? Find a new forum.


    But before you go looking for that new forum, here's a question: would you rather spend your time around people who believe that, with hard work, you can become a desirable man and get a girlfriend? Or would you rather spend your time around people who believe you will die single, alone and a virgin?

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  6. How many dating experiences "end well" sir squib? I didnt even realize that was a real option. Besides, I have a habit of making sure I take every bullet fired at me to the teeth haha


    I'll have it straightened out on monday. If she's down to come with me to a booze/tattoo convention. And let's be real. She will be. (And if she's not then I've been wasting my time and I'll go back to square one tinder)


    Not all of them end well. True. But... sometimes you can kinda see it coming? Like, dating someone who you basically described as a home wrecker that just sounds bad. (I'm operating on the assumption that these married men she dated were allegedly in monogamous relationships before they started dating green hair and that green hair knew that married dude was, in fact, married.)


    Also, green hair sorta isn't dating a guy with kids. Again, this is an assumption, but I would assume it's married guy just looking for some side action but doesn't want her to meet the wife nor the kids.

  7. Me and my girlfriend broke up a week ago. This past week has been a bit easier than i thought it would be. I miss her. She was my best friend, but we weren't working out. Her expectations were too different from mine. She had to "change" too much about herself to be with me. She constantly mentioned it when we had fights too. I never asked her to change anything, i always gave her the option. I laid out my expectations and gave her the option of either being with me or being with someone that doesn't mind those things. She chose to stay, so she chose to change whatever it was that bothered me. Just as i changed certain aspects of myself.

    Anyway, over the past 2 or 3 months things have been piling up more and more. Arguments were more frequent. Other drama started. I started feeling less and less for her in terms of physical attraction. It was pretty obvious too. I guess she knew this was coming. But on Friday night last week i told her that i think we should part our ways. Things were said, obviously. She thought that i would change my mind and beg for her to take me back, but i didn't. So she started begging, playing on my emotions. Understandable. We have known each other for almost 5 years, dated for almost 3 of them. Just too much happened in the 2 years we weren't together, and sometimes i couldn't look at her the way i wanted too. And in a way i think that's what started this from the start. It sucks...

    Anyway... the past week wasn't as hard as i thought it would be. I thought i'd miss her a lot more. I thought i'd be tempted to text her, or call her. But i really didn't want too. Sometimes when i'm up really late at night i'll feel it (like now), but i think that's only the lack of sleep kicking in. I wish we could still be friends. She's a great person, and she's fun to be around. But unfortunately with everything that has happened, now and in the past, i doubt that's possible.

    I think i want to stay single for a while now. Stay away from girls a bit.


    I swear if we go digging through this thread we can find you making a similar post about the same damn girl.

  8. I've just never used a printer which didn't have errors installing, printer heads dying in unfathomable ways, connectivity issues, or bad user interface design. Most of them have had multiple. I mean, I'm sure there exists one out there that doesn't have these problems, but I've never seen it.


    But I guess that's neither here nor there for 3d printers' popularity.



    Most of those have nothing to do with printers themselves tho. Bad UI and trouble installing are programming problems that could probably occur in any sort of programming or software development.

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