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  1. There is no link. There is no source. They spawn out of the void, out of nothingness, climbing out of the bowels of the infinite abyss and crawling into a real substance, into reality, into creation. Yet you can still get the sense that they don't quite belong, that something isn't quite... right with them, that they don't - quite - meet the standards of a normal reality.

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  2. I could see myself doing a nuzlocke on an emulator. X/Y might be one of the best games for a nuzlocke tho because you get the exp share and pokemon amie. With exp share on and max heart on pokemon amie, you get exp something like 6X faster then without it. Plus the whole "He almost died but toughed it out for you" is more intense.


    And then you lose a pokemon you like on a random encounter and you stop caring.


    If I pick up pokemon Y I might do a nuzlocke again. I'd probably add a mercy rule about not buying reviving items and being able to use them as long as I use them before the poke centre.

  3. So I hung out with a friend, we both ended up restarting pokemon and using the other's file to hold onto pokemon with good items to restart pokemon. Friend isn't gonna do a nuzlocke but I am =D


    EDIT: And I got a pansear. Named him Kirin. Was super excited about him. Got him to like me a little bit. Went to train him. And he lost at low health to a sparrow that got a crit. Made me sad.

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