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  1. Do you still have to be 96 herb to drink overloads or did they change it back?
  2. I'm pretty much indifferent about this whole deal. If this new Star Wars is as bad or worse than the prequels then I'll just have another movie to forget about. If it's better then I'll have a good movie to watch in 2015. I'm more concerned about it what they're going to do with LucasArts. The ceo of Disney has stated he wants the studio to focus on mobile and social games instead of consoles which I find pretty worrying.
  3. It's about time they upped solo dunge xp. Too bad it was after I soloed 99....
  4. I've been playing a great little game called Delver. It's like someone took Legends of Yore and combined it with Ultima Underworld or the first 2 Elder Scrolls games. Definitely one of the best casual roguelikes I've ever played. Here's a link to the game if anyone's interested (it's free) http://intrrpt.com/delver/
  5. I spent a whole month killing blue dragons with a Magic Shortbow so I could get Verac's to kill the KQ. A week after I was done crossbows came out.
  6. I once squirted soda all over a girl I liked back in highschool. I was sitting on the bus in the seat across from her and I didn't tighten the cap on my soda bottle enough so it shot off and I got soda all over her. Took me months of awkward bus rides before I gained the courage to speak to her again lol. I don't think I've ever been more embarrassed.
  7. The longest I've ever played non stop is 12 hrs and I did it every day for a month.
  8. Just bought Ys Oath in Felghana. Well worth the 5$ if you like challenging games.
  9. They're both around 30-40k an hr at 85.
  10. A few months ago this would've surprised me and I might have even been a little pissed off but now I just can't be bothered to care.
  11. I went from 3-5 fps to 17-20 fps on my cheap netbook.
  12. So we walk in on the head vampire sleeping behind the blister tree, we teleport eva in with her swords and.... lmao, I really wouldn't put it past them.
  13. Looks like this might be the best month in a long while if they manage to not mess up Branches of Darkmeyer like SITW.
  14. F2p is pretty much unplayable but mems is alright.
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