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  1. Runecrafting Pet! - 22nd February 2017 Runespan Points JoAT! - 22nd February 2017 ^ 6 months to the day after the release of skilling pets. Also I am nearly 150m past 5.4b -exactly- when I got the last pet. (149,956,535 - It took far more xp than that for all pets though.) Pets of note: Woodcutting was one of the fastest with about 60k xp. Slayer was about 100k. Smithing was close to 500k. Firemaking was the worse with over 100m xp. Thieving was around 54m xp. Runecrafting was around 47m xp. Average was probably close to 25m a pet.. I never started for a pet without expecting to need to gain at -minimum- 50m in that skill, anything less was lucky. This is pretty much it for goals for a while. JoAT had terrible rng, far worse than it should of been for 200m xp in a skill. Its mostly evident that thresholds do not exist in any meaningful way. For the immediate future I am going to play more relaxed without any goals except to save up money to max cash again. Eventually I will return to a few other goals but I need to recover from that terrible joat rng fatigue/irritation and that might take several months.
  2. Firemaking Pet! - 11th February 2017 (1 Left) 53.5m Xp - Approximately 90% maples, 10% Tarromins. So over 100m firemaking xp in conventional methods. It took over 305k actions. Pyro-matic Perks had been briefly released. A method I used to speed things up occasionally. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=awNXF7qm08s
  3. Lol no. Crystallizing them. Very fast action for pet to cut regular trees. Except obviously they fall down in one chop, but crystallizing sorts that problem out.
  4. Hunter Pet + 1000 Slithtils! (8th) - 25th December 2016 Merry Christmas!
  5. 200m ALL SKILLS Stats! 200m ALL SKILLS Highscores! 200m ALL SKILLS Clan Highscores! Level 20 Items
  6. 200m Defence! - 21st November 2016 200m Attack! - 21st November 2016 200m Strength! - 21st November 2016 200m Magic! - 21st November 2016 200m Range! - 21st November 2016 200m Slayer! - 21st November 2016 200m Divination! - 21st November 2016 200m Runecrafting! - 21st November 2016 200m ALL SKILLS! - 21st November 2016
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