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  1. Have you already added the Steel Dragons? I'm quite interested to know how well that works, as I tried the same thing with Tok-Xil which didn't fare well. His aggression range was too low...


    The three steel dragon setup works perfectly! Just found a house with that type of setup.

  2. I CAN confirm that exposed fire pits work at least. Also, although now pit rooms are more effective, you could put a rocnar in an open oubliette so that it acts like just another guard. I think the only one you can't leave open is the tentacle/pool...


    Yep that is correct. I don't know if I want to add random guards like some dungeons though because the monsters are just too weak and quick to kill.


    Do people like complex dungeons with lots of guards or just a decent area for pvp?

  3. I've decided to buy the Magic and Ranging potions and then get that 140k xp by making 641 extra Extreme attack potions.


    So my final plan is the following:


    3k Super energys

    3k Recover specials

    1k Antifires

    1k Super antifires

    2k Super attacks

    2k Extreme attacks

    2k Extreme strengths

    1k Extreme defences

    1.5k Extreme magics

    1.5k Extreme rangings

    + a furher 641 Extreme attacks


    This will get me 92 herblore and cost 67.078m (based on current prices)

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