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  1. Cutting gems for people at banks. When smithing made money.
  2. If you've been around these parts for 2-3 years you may remember me. I posted awful posts in almost every post in the library for the best part of 6 months, and wrote a completely god awful story (these posts are all around pages 25-35 now). This often consisted of me having been the last poster on half of the first page, with comments which most commonly featured "I love this, 10/10, -smiley face-". I whole-heartedly apologise for this. This is also an awful post, but I felt that I should attempt to apologise for the grief I caused, the only excuse I have is that I was 12 (I know, I said I was 14) and was trying to make a name for myself on the forums. Now that I am but a wee bit older I can see what an idiot I was. Anyway, if this is spam you can delete it, just felt that veterans of the Library should see this. God-Awful story here (the title makes me cringe now): http://forum.tip.it/topic/60278-a-day-in-the-life-of-a-rune-defender-its-back-with-part-3/
  3. Hey guys, I'm just back from a 2 year break from Runescape, and I could use some advice on how to make a lot of money in a fairly short time, don't care how boring or how many skills I train to do it. I also want to know about any activities or things such as Manage Thy Kingdom that can earn a lot of cash while not doing anything. I have about 50 mil right now to spend on any equipment, these are my skills: Thanks in advance, Smither.
  4. If you join a good corp (in a good ol' PVP alliance) early, you never have to grind. Most alliances will have a logistical backbone which can provide cheap ships, equipment and many other usable equipment. You cannot enjoy EVE when you play "single player" - it just gets boring to quickly. (Unless you go solo pirating, which will likely get you to a dead end of not being able to get new ships or travel much very quickly). Some people really do enjoy the mining (grind) side of EVE, and thats good for them - they provide us with our l33t ships. :D
  5. http://www.freehugscampaign.org/ :twss: Huggings quite common whenwe meet our friends in town because we go to a boys school where we don't see our (female) friends except at the weekend. Doesn't happen much at school except when we're screwing about.
  6. ^ What he said. EVE, IMHO, has some of the best gameplay features in the MMORPG world. The whole storyline of EVE is made by the players - and the really big Corps can make monumentous changes to the EVE Universe just by invading another large corps space. If anyones been playing EVE for a while they'll know of the BoB's invasion of the North, one alliance leader managed to take over a whole mass of EVE space with his fleets in a six month campaign. Try doing that in Runescape/WoW.
  7. The reason there are no EVE threads here is because everyone who is paying for EVE is not doing any computer time not based around EVE >_
  8. Add Typhoontoby to your Xfire if you wanna game \ Being a relatively new gamer (I've always been into MMORPGs before I got BF2) I only got this game a couple of months ago. Did pretty well at it though, I can be a good chopper pilot when I want to, suck at gunning though :P
  9. Hey, As you may know, EVE Online is one of the best games ever \ . I was wondering if there was anyone here who has a subscription to it? I would like to know if (and how) it is possible to make 100 million ISK in 45 days starting from a new account? If anyones interested in EVE Online you can obtain a 14 day free trial here: http://www.eveonline.com/
  10. I remember when I went paintballing for my first time.. me and 5 strangers stuck behind this 4 foot wooden barricade, swearing like anything because their dudes kept hitting our hands whenever we tried to return fire... Everyone trying to yell orders at everyone else... gawd that was fun.

    What Do I Do?

    Rollercoasters are more scary than spinning rides but BELIEVE ME when I say your 100 times more likely to be sick on a spinning ride than a rollercoaster. I have never ever seen anyone throw up during or after a rollercoaster ride. I have seen at least 10 people throw up after spinning rides.
  12. Get mage up, leave your def where it is and get attack to 80. Definitely get prayer to 60 for Chivalry as its only 2 levels away, but look at how many combat levels you;d gain getting 70 and work out if its worth it or not.
  13. Sorry but what kind of pure has 1 attack? Call my bluff but your not going to KO people with an iron 2h.
  14. Cannonballs, fishing (with sound effects ON), fletching (but only cutting the bows, not stringing).
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