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  1. They opened for Silverstein and ADTR a few months ago when I saw them. They were allright...I like Solidarity and the clap song.
  2. I kind of did the same thing. I put on about 10 pounds freshman year of college and I decided to eat a little healthier this summer. I lost about 15 pounds(now I only weigh 150, so I need to bulk up some, I went from being pudgy to being scrawny, but I'll worry about that when I get back to college and have gym access. I basically cut out soft drinks(I have like one a week maybe), and tried to get something healthier when I go get lunch after work. I was running for about 2 months, but I got my wisdom teeth off and had to take a week off and haven't started back. But I haven't put on any weight since I quit running, and it doesn't really bug me because I don't want to lose any more.
  3. Go Dawgs! Our first game was the sloppiest I've ever seen us play. However, the game last Saturday was my first as a student and probably the best live game I've ever seen. Beat Arkansas!
  4. Go Dawgs! Our first game was the sloppiest I've ever seen us play. However, the game last Saturday was my first as a student and probably the best live game I've ever seen. Beat Arkansas!
  5. ugafan_2009


    I'm gonna be a college freshman.
  6. This video is spreading fast. I live like 30 minutes from where it was filmed and saw it with like 300 views. This is the second completely random board I've seen it on the past week
  7. I move in to the University of Georgia on August 11th.
  8. I'm not one to usually flame this lists...but how a greatest hits album number 1?
  9. I went yesterday and had an amazing time. Bands I saw: 3oh!3-only band I didn't like, but my friend went solely for them so I went with her Underoath- Good show, pits got a little close for comfort and a bunch of "hardcore" dancers were ruining them Anti-Flag- Surprise performance of the day. I had only heard the name, but they were good although they were a little too politically charged for my usual liking. Senses Fail- My second favorite band who was playing. It was the second time I had seen them and they were just as good. A Day to Remember- I never knew exactly how popular these guys had become...the stage was packed. Very good performance but I was eating and stood way back away from everything. I also got a setlist when I moved to get to the front of the next show. Alexisonfire- My favorite band who was going to be there. I got like 10 feet from the band and although I was getting pushed against the rail and getting kicked by all the crowd surfers I had to catch, I got to experience one of the best live performances I have ever seen. I can see this being a yearly thing for me(at least through college)
  10. A 96 Toyota Camry. We got it from my Aunt who barely drives(we bought it in 2007 and it only had 58k miles at the time.)
  11. Alexisonfire's new album has been leaked apparently. I'll do my best to obtain this tonight.
  12. I'm with some others, I'll look at /b/ like once a month or so. Occasionally there will be something funny or original, but it's usually just gross porn or poop.
  13. I don't preorder games...I've never had a problem getting a game from Wal-Mart on release day so I just don't see the need.
  14. ugafan_2009

    Sims 3

    Has anyone tried playing on a Mac yet? I just ordered the baseline 13" Macbook Pro and was wondering if it would run smoothly.
  15. Elton John and Axl Rose playing at Freddie Mercury's tribute.
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