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  1. It's not like I spend my whole life buying hammers, its just whenever I was at the shop I would buy 5.
  2. I guess feather merchanting has also been eliminated, not that it was a high profit business...lol
  3. Goodbye old shops. It took me two years to get 9k hammers from you. Hello new shops. It took me two minutes to buy 200 hammers from you. This should be fun adding to my hammer collection.
  4. After spending nearly 2 years getting 9,000 hammers jagex decides to make the amount of hammers in the game infinite. Good job, now noobs all over the world can meet my great achievement.
  5. sweet dude you are my idle. i only have 7315 hammers and 827 tinderboxes :(
  6. Lol. I laughed in 6 seconds after looking at it... I guess I'm insane
  7. :P J/k. I don't have any pictures from my "city."
  8. my "hate list" is more like a "dislike list" Panic! at the disco Bands/music artists that say they're gonna be successful in a few years and when 3 years comes around they're flipping burgers. Mcdonalds KFC :shame: why is there like 16 grams of transfat in piece of chicken Rich snobs. Noobs N00bs Newbs N3\/\/|}S Scammers Macroers Panic! at the disco People who drop out of school and complain to the government about not having healthcare or whatever The ice cream truck song I HATE IT when something gets stuck in a vending machine Panic! at the disco The current "situation" with Israel and Lebanon, hopefully this isn't a stall for Iran so they can fire a nuclear missile and lower the population of the earth... oh yeah, the earth is supposedly "overcrowded," maybe that would be healthy to the planet :-k . . . . . . . . . . :thumbsup: Nevermind, I'll take that off my list... Panic! at the disco
  9. Economic Left/Right: -3.25 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 1.54 Wow, i've always thought I was more right than left and more libertarian than authoritarianistic. *takes the thing again*
  10. I would say in rl my cooking level is like 40-50. I can cook, but of course I'm a guy and I don't want to cook unless I have to. I can make pies and brownies and pizza but I haven't yet learned how to make a cake, which I want to learn how to make because cakes are good :D
  11. He never asked anyone for help.
  12. after reading your post all the way through for the first time I noticed two inconsistencies why did you pm him when he's a room away from you?
  13. Cheating? What? :-s What? that's not what I said
  14. I don't know what a GM is but if you got banned from faking one then it must not be a good thing. :shame:
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