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  1. :( I've been slack in the 'keeping in touch' track again!! How is everything!

    I think you should start blogging.

  2. * tackles* I miss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!xoxox

  3. *Drops a box in the shape of a car on Laila's doorstep and speeds off*

  4. *Huggles Sentry_Wolf*

    Nothing like a bit of loving on someone else's wall.

    Innocent....yeah....Um. Is that a flash light?

    On another note. Hope all is well with your classes! I bought a pack of skittles and immediately thought of eating them in front of all of you.


  5. *Huggles*

    Damn girl, that signature. WOW! That's absolutely beautiful. Don't stress about not being on I forgot about timezones and every! Bah!

    How's everything?

  6. /me pokes Tripsis XD

  7. Ahh! My first day off work in god knows how long. Hmm, I've got a couple of ideas most involve just chilling with friends, one was to travel down to Brunswick Heads for a few hours on the beach and get a tan. Sporting an aussie bikini ofcourse.

    How about you? <3

  8. Ahh!! Don't remind me, so much shopping to do so little time!!

    I hope you have a wonderful relaxing christmas!!

    How be you?? How's the weather for you? It is stinking hot here. :(

  9. Are you enjoying university? The course and everything? It seems like a pain that your expected to know EXACTLY what you want to do with your life by the time you are eighteen.

  10. Awww! Thanks! Brightened my day! How are you?

  11. Awww! Thanks! I didn't even realize it showed it!! <333 How are you?

  12. Be cool huh? Hehehe

    Looking sexy babe <3


    EVER. <3

  14. Damn, I need to work on my stalkeresque.

    You wait, I'll strike when you least expect it.


  15. Do you like peaches?

  16. G'day Laila!! <3

  17. God I wish, no it's Kristen Bell i'm not pretty enough to put onto graphics XD

    How are you?

  18. has lost 400 off her post count? Well, better post more!

  19. Heya!! Thanks so much!

    I feel horrible I missed your birthday (Haven't been on you see!)


  20. Heya!

    Eep life....work...work...work. That's all I seem to doing. I want nothing more than to dissolve myself into the world of virtual reality!! It would be a nice change!

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