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  1. Stalking?

    *Whacks Adrenal over the head with a slice of bread*

    How are you??

  2. *Drops a box in the shape of a car on Laila's doorstep and speeds off*

  3. Do you like peaches?

  4. Peter....leave some space for the rest of us to show the love k?

    <3 Ashley.

  5. Ahh!! Don't remind me, so much shopping to do so little time!!

    I hope you have a wonderful relaxing christmas!!

    How be you?? How's the weather for you? It is stinking hot here. :(

  6. Be cool huh? Hehehe

    Looking sexy babe <3

  7. I hear California is extremely hot, is that true? No plans for myself, I have Christmas Day off and that is pretty much it. I have major plans New Years though, lets just say I don't plan on moving for three days after! Ahahahha.

    How about you? any New Years plans?

  8. Life has been alright, super busy with work which sucks there's no time to relax!!

    Any plans for the holidays?

  9. Love your picture Laila!! <333 Miss you.

  10. Heya!

    Eep life....work...work...work. That's all I seem to doing. I want nothing more than to dissolve myself into the world of virtual reality!! It would be a nice change!

  11. Heya!! Thanks so much!

    I feel horrible I missed your birthday (Haven't been on you see!)


  12. Wow way to go on your promotion!!

    Thanks so much for your well wishes <333 How's things?

  13. Awww! Thanks! I didn't even realize it showed it!! <333 How are you?

  14. Awww! Thanks! Brightened my day! How are you?

  15. You MUST make a signature out of that picture. It is so beautiful, I'm resisting the urge too.

  16. *Huggles*

    Damn girl, that signature. WOW! That's absolutely beautiful. Don't stress about not being on I forgot about timezones and every! Bah!

    How's everything?

  17. God I wish, no it's Kristen Bell i'm not pretty enough to put onto graphics XD

    How are you?

  18. Are you enjoying university? The course and everything? It seems like a pain that your expected to know EXACTLY what you want to do with your life by the time you are eighteen.

  19. Uneventful? Haven't you started college yet? I have nothing to go by except the movies and a few friends and they all say it's just like the movies XD

    How about your beautiful graphics, loving your new signature too by the way. :)

  20. :( I've been slack in the 'keeping in touch' track again!! How is everything!

    I think you should start blogging.

  21. I see how it is. :P

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