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  1. There once was a girl from Antarctica who loved to explore the discount store in the penguin's backyard for some new socks and shoes but she had no money on her so she decided it would make sense to rob the bank. After thinking about it she decided to get some mischief powder to instead make the people eat food and not to watch the bank. The Haunted bank was built by a old man who glanced very quickly at the wris[bleep]ch he wore on his head... The bank was going to be styled, architecturally, like the Leaning Tower which fell onto a river of hot, boiling fudge. Well, she decided to cross the boiling river, she noticed something. It was a strange man standing in the boiling with a knife to smear some jelly on andrew grower. For some reason he liked it. He then ate my cousin, and I had to beat up Andrew. Then killed paul. However, my pants caught fire and boom went the toilet I then saw cheese flying through my bedroom window with someone riding a pink tricycle with training wheels and a large object floating in his pocket. Then a crusty wrench was dropped from the Twin Towers, which don't exist any more. Then a hot grabbed the wrench and she said "I will eat this like bacon". So she ate some cheese instead. Much to the dislike of her one-armed father who ate children. Thus her father hopped in his batmobile and drove into a wall of demon pigs that had green, rotten, smelly breathes. But suddenly from the top of the father's head, a three word, three d monkey said, "I will poke my s with a chopstick". The monkey jumped out onto the skateboard of his hairy toe. Suddenly, the chainsaw in the devious pub, started magically and began with its tremendous roar to scare the villagers. The antarctic went to the pub to save the moldy cheese that was kept in a lockbox. Then she realized she was bisexual and she yelled: "I want clinton!". She gasped as the toxic fumes tried to choke the smelly monkey, herself and her pet decided to die right there. The said "Oh, yes, I would like some new friends because I always thought that cooking is really really dumb". And after a run in with her nonexistent brother, she did some plastic surgery on her little, inflatable, round, and large unibrow that was growing very rapidly at around 0.0005miles/hour. But the surgery ended up being too expensive, so she died. Then the surgeon felt guilty, so he decided to stab her lifeless body. But he ended up making a bigpile of poopy which he later flung at neighbors general area while walking alight. However, once she saw this akward looking little boy who had a broken head and so she decided to go to the hospital to get a smelly blender! Being poopy, the infamous hotdog ronald ate her burger and then puked on her. Meanwhile in antarctica, the icecream man was flying in his Porsche to his ulgy momma whom everybody thought was really hot! When he arrived, 80 chinese kids were eating some really stinky crap made from snot that a dog had stolen from an old lady who looked like an old shoe. Suddenly, a massive quagmire appeared in Los Angeles, California and Texas. The quagmire was large and very stinky like frog guts and re-fried beans. While this happened, Bobby ate some good pie and drank some camelblood. Until suddenly, he was ambushed by an army of evil monkeys that threw poo on the ground, then ate it. Meanwhile, Superman flew off to rescue some fat jellyfish that Catwoman had stolen from the volcano of turd which was created by the big monkey-donkey-horse. The fat jellyfish found Antarctican-girl and they fell through the cold window of her midget friends potato and together they saved the world from the evil green foot fungus who was very small with spots on his eyes. An orange cheese covererd with fungus is very smelly and very dirty! The orange cheese came straight from hot fiery heck. "Oh my lord!", yelped the little remote control when she poked it with a random stick of wisdom. Out of nowhere, a rabbit appeared, with ninja turtles, and spiderman alone who bit george. Then -spiderman killed himself-, a desparate depressed guy wanted to become a real boy so he could eat strawberry pie, because apple pie was colored like cake in jelly. On another note, the president of communist Duck World was a republican who had a wife that ate 80 chinese kids, who had MSG. This is because his mum got brain cancer from drinking the evil smelly fart potion while listening to Zezima's loser life-story. This caused a N00B-fest straight from Varrock world one after Delrith came, eating genetically modified frogs with smelly butts which stank like a cabbage mixed with tomato and smelly armpits with no friends. Nobody expected to dance in this vile rat infested son of a mother and father with Jerry Lewis. But when everyone jumped on the cart of the furious horse tamer who thought that he was cool, he turned and said to the little girl. "Why must you torment me, because I hate my self and you? Thats ok I like being a transgendered she said. Then she bit me. Then i pushed her into a smelly butt of a fat ogre. My grandma said "I need help with my underpants because they're pretty and bright pink". In the meanwhile, somewhere else on the blue oysterbar, a magical muffin was eating a genatically manipulated spider, but got poisoned! So the muffin got antidote from a wizard named FatJoe, but was tricked by the evil muffin lord of Evil Pastry Lane. "I want to eat the muffin", said the Muffin. So the Muffin ate himself / herself because he was a very hungry and cannibalistic muffin. Having watched this, i just know I had to watch it all through my binoculars which smelled like bobble head dolls with a touch of lavender oil-covered antisocial butterflys with the lack of respect for the king of france and his queen which is dumb and useless and also a lawyer who no one ever known as much sillyness.she got naked, then she started taking pictures of birds in the trees with a camera that cost her twenty dollars at Subway Eat Fresh. But then she lost it and so random dude farted very loud,and blew up the rest of the poisonous lightbulbs. Being poisoned, the person ate pie and danced to the rythms of the planters peanuts and ate glue and indented these paragraph's poisioned penut pie. The whole universe was very unhappy so they ate cheese covered foot in her boots that she found... Yet it was very unlikely that her pixel sigs were any good in a place like the august so she moved her furniture outside of her pants and went to Thormac the Sorcerer who was eating, flying, and dancing a stupid dance on stupid music with his ugly pink pet poodle named Frodo Baggins who looked like it had rabies. Unfortunately, the girl (aka the man) killed the poodle, and made frodo CRAZYY!!! Frodo smashed his head on Thormac's beloved ming-vase and kill everyone with his butterflyknife which is pointy and made of home brewed pork and is very dangerous when cold. But then something ate Frodo up. It was some giant naked bear, that liked beans on cold toast with glue attached. Frodo was regurgitated when he found a pshyco called 'Andr̮̩̉̉ Wallnut'. He tied his laces with strings made by a cow named Bobbyjohn Jr. The cow went towards pixie shrinks and said "Blimey, I LOVE NUTS!". Funnily enough, nuts were cooked with
  2. i know a good site to find tuts, http://www.good-tutorials.com i dont know, some of em are for beginners though.
  3. Faux


    im not sure if you read this but juss to make sure. ill also be willing to increase my payment by 20k more. :wink: if u also make me an av.
  4. I'll take nr6 for the autowin (50k)
  5. i believe on God, so what?
  6. Faux


    Name: ShadowFaxPZ (plz capitalize S, F, P and Z) Quote/Stats: Truest Of All / The Shadows ( / means the next blink of animation) Color: light blue, blue, dark blue Price: 50k Runescape Name: ShadowFaxPZ Animation Number: 1 Avatar: yes Style: 3 PM me ingame or here to remind me when my sig is done and when im gonna pay, k?
  7. 40k to the last one if u change the name of course
  8. since its gonna be free neway, ill giv you the liberty to do whatever you want. :D as long as it will look nice
  9. ill take one, i want a woodcutting theme, lv 85+ woodcutting and ill post a pic of me, ill juss go get one
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