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  1. i just meant that it was ridiculous that something that appeared to be a pet was actually an equippable item that goes in the hand/offhand slot




    it appears that during the mod preview showoff of the golden cane, they also showed the lady shark model

  2. I would like to note that the new ports weapons are going to take quite a bit of luck to get an actual dual set to work with, so i'm focusing exclusively on clue voyage chance (also, i have a hunch that the odds of getting a clue for the clue voyage so that you don't have to random fire already rarely occurring clue voyages is directly related to how many tables you have), although i won't turn down scroll voyages if they come up

  3. wait, so camo is as much a lie as standing farther away from the trap? placebos all around me


    i don't even get why stuff like attuned seeds and ports weapon bits need to be so danged rare to begin with seeing as they're UNTRADEBLE and YOU STILL HAVE TO EARN THE REST OF THE ITEM, in the case of attuned seeds, forcibly spending a really long time to gather the materials to make and repair the weapon (time that you can't reduce by any means past being 99 crafting), and in the case of ports weapons, you're only able to increase your odds by a marginal amount as to whether or not you'll be able to earn part of the item you're working towards, and this has to be done twice for each hand, or in the case of death lotus darts, can't actually be repaired normally and costs more in terms of money to replace not to mention that maximum dart throwing range is so close to the target that it would just be more efficient to walk up to your opponent and jab them directly with the needle


    all of this was done in order not to step on anybody's toes


    it wouldn't matter if we got 1 or 100 of them since we'd only ever be able to use a certain amount at any particular time

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