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  1. "we're not going to do it, but we're just asking anyway" after everything else that's happened, is probably the shittiest and most transparent excuse that they've ever used, lol


    every bullshit moneygrabbing idea on runescape has been preceded by "well, we know this would be shitty to do, but if we appeal to their baser instincts, they'll let us do it anyway"


    why the hell is this so important and pressing that it's being given a platform when there's hundreds of other things fighting each other thunderdome style in runelabs


    is there anybody left in this company that actually knows what the [bleep] a game is and how games are made (by games, i mean things that are made for people to enjoy, not long term elaborate scams)

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  2. If you had talked to Bilrach when he was present, he would have explained it all to you.


    As for how the ritual stones got down there, I believe you should ask a certain Exile at a certain port...


    As it is, Floor 61 is sealed off to all unauthorized entry, so there would be no possible way to get in without being invited unless you had something that could tunnel through several layers of twisted space.

  3. basically, the wights change entrances at pretty random intervals, so if you're in an interface when the cycling happens, you won't be able to tell if they've moved if you aren't concentrating on noticing if anything's changed (sometimes they don't actually move at all, so if they've shifted forward a cycle you won't be able to tell just by looking either), the only permanent sign that it's happened is a game message


    if you're not using a widescreen view, you will also have to make a deliberate effort to see the tunnel entrances

  4. right, like salt in the wound


    no wait don't do that


    btw, you don't even need jerrod, if you shimmy sideways into their field of view you can glitch into their hitbox and take them out because they made it extremely generous in order to cancel out how badly their stealth design fails, to the point where they just overcompensate for how close you need to be

  5. it was more of a resource management thing, which i didn't think was that bad, it was just sort of crammed in all at once instead of being gradually introduced over a period of time, which they obviously thought could be managed by failing several times instead of letting the player enjoy learning


    in particular, one of the mechanics can only be tracked by game chat messages, and i skipped over the instructions too fast to remember if they ever mentioned that


    i think more overt cues to coming close to a failure state would be appreciated when throwing such a large set of variables at the player at once

  6. tbh, this quest level shoulda been a bunch higher, even with the chests borrowed from the haunted mansion quest it's kinda dumb placing the player in this role at level 30 without any knowledge of the lore behind it, especially with nomad's involvement, and the very, very important decisions presented to you (the first of which isn't even presented with the appropriate amount of gravitas)

  7. now that more of the path has been revealed, there are many more variables in play than i had anticipated. needless to say, i think nomad's participation, while initially sort of shoehorned in, opened up a bit of an unexpected opportunity


    i wonder what things would have been like had i pushed entirely in the other direction?....i hope when this is all over, jagex lets us visit alternate timelines where we picked differently


    it's pretty obvious now that there's a specific path where you [bleep] everything up, and i want to see what happens if you choose that, but i'm not nearly mean enough to do it

  8. it sure is great how that now they know that they shouldn't poison the well, they're no longer putting any more poison in it


    i mean maybe it'd be great if they could remove the existing poison but one thing at a time eh fellows


    (cue angry mob chanting four more years of poison)


    in any case, what's done is done, and we can't go back and change things because the game is literally set in stone and none of it can ever be edited once it's committed to the massive granite slab that it is etched into, on display, at stonehenge where it will stand for all time

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