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  1. hell, final fantasy figured their shit out, and the more the price moves towards that, the less attractive this vacillating artifact of the past seems to be


    i feel like they've wasted time and money on chasing after cash store profits and spectacles, which would have been great if they wanted to sell to Nexon, but didn't do jack for their core content

  2. fast breaks, slow fixes


    because nothing sells more membership like false hope and empty promises stretched over the span of a year


    seems like we're always chasing after the ideal that has always been in reach but never comes


    if jagex itself is paralyzed with indecision and the statement of intent amounts to wanting to be a better game but being incapable of it because nobody has the balls to step forward and unite the game towards a organized purpose and design in an attempt to appease everything, including shit that's counterproductive to what they're trying to do, i am not sure i can justify paying for this


    are things truly at such odds with each other that an open ended world with a variety of activities that don't heavily favor one over the other is no longer possible


    why should one requirement occupy so much space compared to the others, or for that matter, why should any part of this game be so large as to overshadow the rest of it


    we shouldn't have to keep making excuses and creating middle classes just to prop up massive piles of excrement (hey you know what we need, more [bleep]ing skillcapes cause that'll resolve our topheavy issues durrrrrrrrrrrr)


    if they want to sell the game to their massive piles of excrement, so be it, if they're willing to abandon that and push towards a different path, so be it


    just decide already, or be trapped in your own hell by yourself, i don't need it

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  3. The issue I take with this system is that there are sometimes changes that are very necessary, but aren't going to grab headlines like the other ideas, because they're very simple benefit of play tweaks.


    As for slowing the flow of ideas down, there should be a limit to how many ideas people can post based on how old the account is, and duration bans on people who are misusing the service.

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  4. if the requirement isn't even being done in the actual spirit of its creation (if we can claim it had any to begin with), what purpose does it actually serve when something else could do it better, for reasons that make sense, in a way that doesn't cause intense division and unhealthy play habits?


    "this requirement is simple in my point of view because we're doing it in such a way that robs any kind of enjoyment from anything associated with it and we're good at it" doesn't cut it for justification


    there's no challenge, no fun, no accomplishment (standing around in a castle where nothing of significance is happening, for several months, is not worth paying a subscription for), and the only thing it has created is a bunch of major [wagon] strongarming everybody else into putting up with their stockholm syndrome because they can't be arsed to actually protest against it


    just because it had a reward slapped onto it doesn't make it automatically worthy of acclaim or protection

  5. if anything, stuff like "true trim" basically encourages people to push more towards horrible design decision classism, which if you want to do to runescape, yall can basically go live in your own damn hellhole by yourselves


    i'm not rewarding supporting bad decisions

  6. uh, yes, they can retroactively fix this problem, unless they want a game that's pretty much broken forever


    if they can force legacy into the game on flimsy pretenses that make no sense to their game design and require cash for items as part of the game and you still haven't quit, they can force much less invasive changes for a better reason


    i'm not gonna make excuses for bullshit when those same things didn't apply to other bullshit


    if you want to be angry at something actually getting fixed in the game but complain about other broken things, that's like, you don't care about the game, you just care about yourself


    why should i care about you if your capacity to make decisions is limited to your own desires without considering anything else


    how bad of an idea could you defend if you had a personal stake in it

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  7. okay, so uh


    if they make a mistake, if the mistake lasts long enough they won't change it, does that mean that they can basically keep making mistakes as long as they just "forget" to ever acknowledge them


    do we continue to play a game that will basically become increasingly broken as long as some players demand it stay that way in order to maintain their sense of superiority


    side note i'm remembering just now while reading through the list: COLOR THE ELDER CHRONICLES SOMETHING BESIDES BLACK

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