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  1. "we're gonna increase the viability of training between levels 60 and 80 after giving everybody enough bonus exp to level to 90"





    If RS ever closes, everytime you log in before the closure, there's a bit of the map being eaten/removed. :D

    Does that mean we get to watch Solomon disappear into thin air too? :o


    Would probably be the last thing left on RuneScape, so we can keep buying more outfits even when everything else has vanished :rolleyes:


    Hey, you gotta look pretty for the end of the world.



    on the plus side, we'll be able to visit the black hole again


    i wonder how big they had to make it to fit all the bots

  2. it was less that GOP needs a rework and more that they decided that breaking it, like breaking bandos throne room and flash powder factory, was better than actually MAKING A GAME THAT PEOPLE WILL PLAY


    (they fixed flash powder factory but i'm petitioning for the set to merge with botanist)




    look, charm sprites may be a bit slow but it's actually faster than most set obtaining, plus it's decent charms, decent exp, they removed all the trees, and it's a handheld item that even works with giant chin

  3. Make blacksmith and artistan outfits buyable from artistan workshop


    Herb outfit can be bought from flash powder factory, as well as factory outfit, and you can tie the two together to stack the boosts.


    Divine outfit from caches


    Sous chef can be gotten, 1/1000 while cooking any food in the cooking guild.


    First age outfit, 1/1000 for burrying bones.


    Shaman outfit, 1/5000 when making any pouches?


    Spring, and spring cleaner be made into uncommon and rare treasure trail rewards, for all clues


    Slayer masks, very rare drop from respective slayer mobs while on assignment.


    Silverhawks and feathers from brimhaven agility arena.


    Boom. Done. just add more cosmetics to sof


    would put shaman outfit pieces in familiarization as random spawn that can be found while running around grabbing shards


    first age outfit could be from burning vyres because i'm a terrible person

  4. they can't hear you over the piles of money they make people pay them in order to use content that they can't use if they're not already paying them for a "cheap subscription" or the superultradeluxesubscription that is basically a season pass with a different name


    since they're going to make us vote on even this minor addition, we're basically going to play another game of saw


    team toilet forever

    Lmfao i like that analogy. They should do a saw quest line.



    turns out grayzag was just a puppet and the real mastermind is ali the camel


    yeah, it would be sweeter if they didn't keep plowing loads of development time into once off features

    Yeah because the only way the community would love seeing christmas projects in the blue block stage is if it was an ice sculpture competition. Its obvious to most of the well learned community that a good portion of game code is recycled or modified.



    incidentally, the only thing left from that event where we had to free santa from jack frost's grip was the items and the ice sculpture on top of the mountain


    the old event assets are still somewhere on the map but they're just going to rot there forever

  7. yes, i liked the parts where we had to pay for two more crystal weapon chargings, and then at the elite level they give us another half charged, non attuned crystal weapon to go with that one so that it has a friend to sit with in the bank for the rest of time, hey, y'know what people at the elite task level want, a weapon they stopped using several years ago


    i would appreciate it if eluned and lady ithell would just be upfront about needing the money instead of claiming it's for research or that it benefits the elven nation


    maybe they can afford to swap out the damage boost to mourners which is especially useful since we killed all the mourners

  8. I think the introduction of RnG to the game as 3 "tiers" maybe would be a good start.

    m8, there's no auction house in Diablo! ;)


    So say you have a bronze dagger;

    you could have 3 "tiered" drops.

    tier 1 could be 5 damage

    tier 2 could be 10 damage

    tier 3 could be 15 damage


    makes for an interesting twist. Only items that could be sold on GE are tiers 1 and/or 2. Would make bossing more interesting and might help the market.



    the interesting twist: people start charging assloads of money to carry people in runs for tier 3


    man i was totally not expecting that one

  9. the wiki information for the glowing cracker sounds like they're purely generation by odds based, but it's hard to tell


    btw, the odds for the daily drawing change day to day based on the total number of entries, so you may want to check right before the day ends to see whether or not you should bother submitting that day

  10. Jagex:


    *makes event with stealing and limited spawns, but makes the tree area a safe zone, allowing people to camp tree and hog snakes*


    "the stealing is annoying"


    *removes stealing, still limited spawns and now the snakes can't be completed to 10 when there's more than five people*


    going upstairs makes the snakes vanish but the player can still hold them


    closing a door on the snake chain and moving far enough away makes some of the snakes vanish but you can still hold the others while "you have zero snakes"


    will test to see if it's possible to stop every snake spawn in town while holding all of the snakes

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