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  1. I like how Jagex asked for feedback with the spring cleaner but said ZERO THINGS about whatever tradeoffs they were considering when they took them down


    also i'm sorry that they [bleep]ed up the ammo conversion because I was probably the person that asked for that


    although i suspect they are conditioning us to stop asking for things

  2. decent by conventional standards? they just took the content from old quests, tore it out of them, and then transplanted it awkwardly into varrock by smushing everything in hard enough so that it would fit, and then literally changed nothing else except turn everybody green, changed the water red, lock off the parts they couldn't write for, and destroyed gertrude's life (and added a doghouse that is a static asset with text added to it)


    the only interesting parts were some of the writing, and the rest of it is "hurr hurr our lack of effort into actually changing anything about this quest is canon in this timeline get it the joke is both that we copied everything exactly and that zemouregal would also have the exact same door codes and also every npc has stopped caring about the quest as much as we have" stretched over 30 minutes


    the lore bits are vaguely amusing in the sense that a mod written fanfic would be, in that it has zero effect on the actual rs timeline, and reveals [bleep]all when most of the things talked about are things we already know from other quests


    like the PoH aquarium, it's mostly reused assets arranged so that it kind of looks like it isn't reused assets

  3. well, they give us all these bonuses, but we don't know what to compare the bonuses to, and half the time we find out years later (like say, when they started showing prayer bonuses just now) that the boosts are either horribly broken and were never actually in effect, or that they're statistically insignificant


    and that they're mostly there to distract us from the crazy odds that we can't determine without hours of hard research


    it's basically the kind of soothing lies that lottery ads make while writing the odds on the back in really small print except that there's no law forcing jagex to print those

  4. actually, repurposing content has been a larger trend lately (see: most of the poh fishing room content)


    they can't spare a single moment these days to make anything new when they're plowing all this time into one shot world events that never get used again


    it's the same issue with all of their best assets being wasted on christmas, but now on a regular basis

  5. whatever variety of reasons they have, it's largely unprofessional for a company this old who shouldn't be just now learning how to put wooden blocks together when they've been around this long


    take some of that money they've been getting and either train to become actual game developers, or hire some, but don't spend it on wasting our time


    as of now, most of their refinement has been mostly spent shaking money out of us instead of making a game while trying to spend as little effort on making the game as possible (as opposed to making MORE game with less effort), but sod that "this is a business" crap, if that's what they want, then we no longer have a game

  6. well, it was more that i was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, but then they just had to go and literally monetize goodwill


    their business now entirely runs on the concept that they will be forgiven for anything they do by people with enough money, or at least continue asking for money upfront that they [bleep]ing know they will never deliver on in the future because they don't have to

  7. time to unupdate the page about tormented demons


    i've tried to be respectful, but the next time they ask for anything, i kinda doubt they'll get anything besides several thousand images of giving the bird


    it was bad just knowing that they make simple mistakes often, but now we know it's because of a combination of willful ignorance stemming from pride versus being able to distinguish useful player input from the stuff they think they're better than, actual ignorance from lack of experience, and prioritizing monetary gain over even the most basic design principles which a child could point out to them in five minutes of playing their game, and spits on the legacy of the people who used to work for jagex


    if we don't act together to address this, they're basically going to just continue spinning that wheel and taking money from people dishonestly

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  8. it went out the window as soon as they said "we're not touching the one thing that people argue about because we're too afraid to move beyond token acknowledgement of our problems"


    basically a statement of we really wanted to do something nice, but we can't commit to it, much less actually create a concrete plan of action towards that goal


    it would be more useful if we could build a PoH bathroom, get an ingame copy of that statement of intent, and wipe our [bleep]ing asses with it

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